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Buy Handicraft Sword and Shield or Dhal and Talwar for Wall Decor and Gifts Online

The sword and shield are an integral and bold piece of art that can be incorporated into our home decor. Sword (vaal) and shield (paricha) have a prominent place in our rich history, which has been witness to a number of wars and martial art forms that can be associated with these two weapons. While the sword is used for attack, the shield is for defense from the enemy's sword. These weapons form a beautiful wall hanging decor.

The shield depicts the chivalry, courage, and knighthood while the dhal talwar has its deep roots in the history of our civilization. During the ancient era, Kshatriyas were known to practice the courageous art of swordsmanship. Even the Gurukul taught them about the use of these weapons thus, making them an integral part of Hind’s history. Sword is hence, a symbol of power, status, and respect. Swords were originally introduced by the Mughals as a weapon that was designed to attack the enemies.

In recent times, people have started incorporating these weapons into their home decor to add a hint of tradition and ethnicity. Apkamart brings before its exclusive collection of intricately carved sword and shield sets to add a distinctive charm to your abode. Their metallic color complements every decor theme and hence can be even used as a gifting item. The material (alloy metals) used in creating these marvels of art is of high quality. You can choose to hand these artifacts in your living room, to make it the focal point of all the attention. There is about a dozen of intricately carved designs available on the online shopping portal of Apkamart, from which you can make your pick.

These are the ideal choice for people who want a pop of their culture in their home decor. The luster of the alloy and earthy hues of these weapons impart them the required antique look. So, grab your favorite piece before it runs out of stock!



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