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Buy Handicraft Wooden Home Temples & Puja Mandirs for Home Decor and Gifts Online

Most Indian homes have a pooja room and temple in it. Indians are religious and spiritual in nature and hence we respect our gods in a very religious manner. It’s our routine to light a lamp in front of our revered gods twice a day, at dawn and dusk. In present culture, space utilization is on rising due to increasing flat culture. In a flat, a special room for pooja is generally not present, and hence we have to search for other options to create a spiritual place for our deities. Pooja Mandir or Mandir for home is the best choice when it comes to this condition.
A part of the wall decor and hanging sections of our online store, wooden Mandir for home is a popular category, which is loved by many. Our ‘Apka Mandir’ series is especially dedicated to beautiful Puja Mandir and home temples, which can be easily hung and drilled on any of your walls. Our wooden Mandir for home series is decorated with bright and lively colors with a touch of Indian art. We have reinvested our traditional temple art in these temples for the home to create a spiritual sensation for your pooja rooms. Our wooden Mandirs are hand painted so that they get a unique shine of its own. They are glazed to provide a smooth surface and never fading colors, which make it an easy to clean entity.
These Puja Mandirs are a great option when it comes to gifting it to a friend or family on occasions like anniversaries, or Griha Shanti. They can also be used as table decor if you do not want to hang them or maybe you can buy them in different colors to create a beautiful assemblage. Some of these beautiful wooden temples come with a small drawer inbuilt to facilitate storage for religious products like incense stick packets and match sticks. They can also be used to store Roli and Kumkum, which are religious items of importance. Many of them also come with a small pull out plate that can be used to keep Dias and Agarbatti stands during a pooja ceremony.
Shop from Apkamart’s online art and decor store and create a beautiful interior for your home. We deliver quality at reasonable price and that too right at your doorstep. With our flexible paying options, your shopping experience will be transformed into a happy tour.


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