Buy Samurai Dhal Talvar Set 14 Inch, 616 at ApkaMart
Buy Samurai Dhal Talvar Set 14 Inch, 616 at ApkaMart

Samurai Dhal Talvar Set 14 Inch
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Shield or Dhal:

Left to Right: 33 cm or 13 inch
Front to Back: 5 cm or 2 inch
Height / Top to Bottom : 35 cm or 14 inch

Sword or Talwar:
Left to Right: 7 cm or 3 inch
Front to Back: 2 cm or 1 inch
Height / Top to Bottom : 50 cm or 20 inch

Material: Black Metal Alloy (Aluminium & Iron)

Weight: 890 grams


Inclusive of 2 Sword & Shield (Dhal Talwar) Set

Let the ancient history of our country adorn your walls gracefully. Apkamart brings to you this Dhal and Talvar set made of gun metal, carved to perfection to give it a look as genuine as it comes. This pattern or sword and shield represent the early cultures of our country when great warriors existed and even greater battles were fought for dominance and supremacy. This showpiece item thus emanates strength and power with its presence. A piece like this on your wall will charm up the ambience of the room manifold times. You can keep this in your home or office and any wall is practically well suited for this Dhal and Talvar set.
Keep this on your list of wall decor items and order it today to check it off. A one-of-its-kind artistic item, this will surely turn many heads and earn you quite some praise from your friends and relatives for being the tasteful home decorator as you are.



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