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Lion Head Dhal Talwar Set 12 Inch

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Shield or Dhal:

Left to Right: 30 cm or 12 inch
Front to Back: 8 cm or 3 inch
Height / Top to Bottom : 30 cm or 12 inch

Sword or Talwar:
Left to Right: 7 cm or 3 inch
Front to Back: 2 cm or 1 inch
Height / Top to Bottom : 47 cm or 18 inch

Material: Black Metal Alloy (Aluminium & Iron)

Weight: 930 grams


Inclusive of 1 Sword & Shield (Dhal Talwar) Set

Dhal and Talwar are a part of our history and culture. From being a part of our wars to now our decor, these have travelled a great journey. Apkamart brings a perfect hanging in the form of this awesome wall decor. Created from gunmetal, this wall decor can be hung easily in your dining and living. With a combination of dhal (shield) designed with traditional designs and a set of Talwar inspired from ancient times, this wall décor adds to the beauty of your abode. It is inspired by traditional art and comes with a touch of Indian mystic era. It is also a great option to gift in times of different occasions.
Bring handicraft art from our online store to your abode and brighten up your home with art meticulously created by us. We provide you with great art that is new and fantastic in its approach.



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