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Royal Samurai Dhal Talwar Set 18 Inch

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Left to Right: 41 cm or 18 inch
Front to Back: 7 cm or 3 inch
Height / Top to Bottom : 46 cm or 18 inch

Material: Black Metal Alloy (Aluminium & Iron)

Weight: 1600 grams


Inclusive of 1 Sword & Shield (Dhal Talwar) Set

Prosperous in its culture, India is full of stories of our brave rulers and warriors. Apkamart is determined to circulate the same bravery through our traditional and well-crafted art. The same idea is behind this handicraft series of Dhal and Talwar wall hangings. Adding a shade of Indian art, this ‘Dhal-Talwar’ series incorporates a touch of regalness to home decor. Decorated with beautiful patterns, it has a rustic mythological essence to it. It can be easily hung in your study or dining room to enhance the art-ness of the decor. Hang it in your balcony and your place will shine like never before. Gift it to your friends, family, and spread smiles because nothing can match the beauty of it and that too at this price.
Shop from our online store and decorate your home with the art that you love and admire. We wish you a surreal shopping experience with us, Apkamart.



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