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India is famous for its culture of hosting, popularly termed as ‘Mehaman-Nawazi’. We are a dedicated lot when it comes to hosting dinner parties, religious dinners and birthdays. We would give a full day in the kitchen, creating excellence through our culinary skills so that no one dares to say that the food was not good. But what if someone comments on the way you are serving it? What if someone points out those plastic trays of yours with ripping apart floral stickers? Apkamart brings a solution to all your serving nightmares with a series of handicraft serving trays. Our decorative trays will bring a touch of modern decor and color to your dining and serving. From wooden serving trays to stainless steel serving trays, we have every possible option to enlighten your kitchen decor. Our Minakari steel trays and tea trays will bring a touch of Indian art to your home. Hand-painted and glazed, the dinner trays presented by us are excellent in design and finishing, giving a royal touch to your kitchen accessories. When not in use, these serving platters will add to your table decor and hence will leave your guests in awe. We promise you that these serving trays will be hit among your friends and will give you a reason to flaunt them repeatedly.
Our serving platter and serving dishes are one of a kind. The wooden serving trays come with Indian art painted on them with due diligence. Some of them come with inbuilt pullout coasters, which will come in handy while serving teacups and glasses and keep your centre table clean. The wooden serving trays are polished to shine and are easy to clean. With Indian art embedded on them, they are a perfect addition to your table decor. Our steel trays are an exhibition of beautiful Minakari work and Indian art. With shining Minakari on top of them, these are just excellence redefined. They are easy to clean and a handy gift on small occasions.
Apkamart brings to your home the best decor options and that too at super reasonable and affordable prices. Shop from our online store and bring home the best in terms of handicraft art and decor. We know your arty needs and have a solution for each of your decor problems. Shop from us and be a part of our big artified family.


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