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Let us tell you how we were born!

Marvel Retail Private Limited came into existence in 2012 with a simple idea in its core – helping people decorate their lives as well as their homes. We all love a little glow in our lives, don’t we? Our goal – quality products, affordable prices and variety; lots and lots of variety for you to choose from. As we transitioned into the next stage of our growth, we expanded our reach to more customers with our new website in 2015 - www.apkamart.com! We made sure that we walked our path with loyalty to our customers and love in our hearts. We have strived to reach newer heights with each passing year and immersing oneself into home décor ideas have never been more interesting and economical. We now ship to over 19000 pin codes all across India with pride!

We have garnered some remarkably positive attention and global love with our products in other countries such as the US, Australia and Canada too. Yes, we sure do love a few trips around the planet! Our home décor products and ideas have not only benefited homes but also small and large events and businesses alike – you name it and we do it! You can also find us in the busy lanes of Amazon and Flipkart, making it easier for you to reach us everywhere!

We at Apkamart are your trustworthy companion in finding the most appropriate and suitable products for your abode. At each step, we make sure that you find your heart’s content with our products as we find our heart’s content with your faith in us. Sign yourself up to our newsletter for some beautiful flow of ideas and some treats for your eyes in your email. Oh, we will make sure not to spam you!

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