APKAMART Warrior Dhal Talwar Set 21 Inch
APKAMART Warrior Dhal Talwar Set 21 Inch

Warrior Dhal Talwar Set 21 Inch

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Shield or Dhal:

Left to Right: 44 cm or 17 inch
Front to Back: 10 cm or 4 inch
Height / Top to Bottom : 52 cm or 21 inch

Sword or Talwar:
Left to Right: 14 cm or 6 inch
Front to Back: 2 cm or 1 inch
Height / Top to Bottom : 67 cm or 26 inch

Material: Black Metal Alloy (Aluminium & Iron)

Weight: 2400 grams


Inclusive of 1 Sword & Shield (Dhal Talwar) Set


The colour and classic design of this perfect home decor Dhal-Talwar are what makes it irresistible and attractive.  This piece shines like the light that you see after so many days of the war. Hung on your wall, it will always motivate and excite you to keep fighting for another day. One of our best pieces, this decor is going to leave every one of your guests in complete awe of its beauty. A representative of strength and honour, this decor is what will complete your lifestyle. Order it now to take the benefit of its irresistible price.

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