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Royal Bahubali Dhal Talwar Set 18 Inch

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Shield or Dhal:

Left to Right: 54 cm or 21 inch
Front to Back: 8 cm or 3 inch
Height / Top to Bottom : 47 cm or 18 inch

Sword or Talwar:
Left to Right: 10 cm or 4 inch
Front to Back: 2 cm or 1 inch
Height / Top to Bottom : 70 cm or 28 inch

Material: Black Metal Alloy (Aluminium & Iron)

Weight: 2600 grams


Inclusive of 1 Sword & Shield (Dhal Talwar) Set

India has always been a country of boldness and bravery. Indian culture is embedded with jewels of heroic stories of valiant warriors. We, at Apkamart, honour the courage of our past and desire to inspire our future through our ‘Religious Rakshak’ Dhal Talwar series.

This Dhal-Talwar with its bronze polishing and Indian art engravings has an ancient rustic look. They form the best option to be hung in your dining or living room. Looking for a gifting option? This set will prove to be the best choice. The beautiful floral Indian art makes it expressive in design and the well-crafted swords add an ancient look to the assembly.

Glam up your decor with Indian art and culture and add to your interior the brave and classy, ‘Royal Bahubali Dhal Talwar’.



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