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Diaries are often our best friends, listening to our endless rants, keeping a note of our to-do lists, memos and appointments and also reminding us of important dates and occasions. What can be better if that friend for life comes in a beautifully adorned getup? Apkamart brings to you its collection of pretty-looking diaries in different shapes, with handmade papers and an authentic leather jacket. The whole look of the diary gives off a very warm and personal vibe. Every item is made from scratch from the best quality of leather and paper to bring to you the most exquisite pieces.


Words are precious and so they deserve the best possible home you can give them. Our handmade diaries with beautifully embossed designs are the perfect ones. They are of reasonable size and quite handy, so you can even carry them with you as you travel – so that you don’t have to stop recording the stories your heart wants to say.



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