6 Places To Visit In Jaipur

I know what you folks are thinking while reading the title; how could there be fun and interesting activities to do, when the place is famous as the “Desert State”. Today I’ll try my best to enlighten all of you about the wonders of Jaipur and all it has to offer. Jaipur is listed amongst the top places to travel in India, filled with tonnes of ‘must sees’. There is a bucket load of fun and adventurous activities available in the beautiful town of Jaipur. A number of heritage monuments known for their vibrancy reside in the hometown of Jaipur. It’s the perfect place to plan your next vacation to if you have a knack for knowing the extravagant lifestyles of the rulers of the past, enjoy being pampered like the royalty, or is a crazy animal lover (*like me*). Now, without further ado let’s take a look at all the possible conquests you can come across while roaming the alluring streets of Jaipur.

1. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is the first place that pops into our minds when we imagine Jaipur. The ravelled and captivating elevation of the Place of the Winds is the most celebrated building in Jaipur. The place got its name from the marvellous functions of wind flowing through the openings of the Palace. Although most of the windows have been sealed shut, still it does offer a breathtaking paranormal view of the city from the top. There’s another riveting legend associated with the Palace, which states that it was built so that the women of royal household could overlook the main street without coming into the view.


2. Amber Fort

Located in Amer which is around 11 kilometres from Jaipur, the place is also known as “Amber Fort”. The Fort indicates the breathtaking blend of the Hindu – Muslim architecture through the red sandstone and the marble stone construction. There are four courtyards in Amber Palace, including the one called Diwan–i–Aam which has the public audience hall. Any animal lover will love going to this amazing fort as it offers an elephant ride uphill. The Fort is a spectacular piece of architecture where you can unwind and lose yourself for hours without any intention of coming back.


3. Johari Bazar

All the shopaholics out there; get your wallets because it’s time to go shopping. Johari Bazaar is the most famous jewellery market in Jaipur. Both sides of the Johari Bazaar are filled with precious hues of Gold, Copper, Silver, and the whole Rainbow. The lines are adorned with the two specialities of Jaipur that are Kundan and Thewa along with wide array of silver ornaments. Johari Bazaar has a little piece of heaven tucked in a narrow lane called Gopalji ka Rasta, offering precious and semi-precious stones at wholesale rates or for exporting. From puppets to traditional clothes and just too colourful bangles; you’ll find every colour you ever desired in the vivid and flamboyant streets of Johari Bazaar.

4. Bapu Bazar

The Pink City offers you a chance to go on an inexpensive shopping expedition to one of the most famous markets of Jaipur called ‘Bapu Bazaar’. The market is situated between the Sanganer Gate and the New Gate and is a renowned place to buy Jaipuri Quilts, Bed Linens, and Jaipur Textiles. The market is the perfect blend of tradition and modernism as it dabbles in both traditional as well as modern products. No matter in which mood you are in if you want to buy an ethnic kurta for yourself or a traditional jutti for your kid or you feel like buying a matching shrug to go with your favourite pair of jeans; you’ll get it here.


5. II35AD

As bizarre as the name sounds, the place lives up to the title way more. The regal aura with royal furniture, glossy gold walls, and the Imperial decor effortlessly takes you right back in time where you’ll feel no less than a king or queen of the royal throne. Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious meal or you want to enact a majestic date for your partner who is a history buff, this place will prove to be a perfect choice. The menu includes dishes from Rajasthani, Mughlai, and North Indian cuisines. If you are a meat lover then you should definitely opt for The Lal Maas as it literally falls off the bones in your hands. So go ahead and plan a grand day with the best eating venue which complements the atmosphere of Jaipur perfectly. 


6. Pandit Kulfi

I know what’s coming to your mind, that this doesn’t exactly count as a proper place to eat but trust me; this will be your most beloved spot in the Pink City once you go and visit it. As we all know, a day doesn’t end without the perfect dessert to shower your taste buds with amazing flavours. Pandit Kulfi Wala is just a small Kulfi joint near Amber Road. Put the location on navigation or ask any bystander on road, both will surely lead you to the right place. You will have to be aware with your spidey senses because the stall is so small that you accidentally might pass by it. So go ahead and pencil in your itinerary both the malai and paan variants to give your day a sweet ending. 


I’m sure by now, I piqued a tiny spark of interest and curiosity for that long due vacation to Jaipur. To the contrary belief, Jaipur is one of the best places to plan a vacation or a weekend getaway too. It doesn’t really matters who is sitting beside you in the car giving you company, you’ll have the time of your lives because of all the activities and sights the city has to offer. So all you great folks, pack your bags because it’s time to go rogue from your modern routine and reconnect with your traditional roots so you can introduce that much-needed flair of colours in you subtle and undertone life.   

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