APKAMART City Chowk 25 Inch

City Chowk 25 Inch

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Left to Right: 64 cm or 25 inch
Height / Top to Bottom : 48 cm or 19 inch

Material: Handmade sheet

Colour: Watercolours


Inclusive of 1 Painting


Apkamart wishes to take you to those times when buildings and people of cities were less complicated. A time when you could get everything by paying a reasonable cost. A time when life was easy cheap. This painting takes you back to those days when people lived their lives, their own way. When things were as bad as they were good. A time long lost.This painting made on a handmade sheet with watercolours reflects the artist's view of that era, a beauty which all of us are bound to cherish. This painting is framed in a black designer frame, which perfectly matches with its style. One glance at it is going to bring you loads of compliments as it's the perfect decor your home could have. There is no time to waste, place your order right away.



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