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One of the ten avatars of the great Lord and keeper of all the realms – Vishnu, Krishna is one of the most popular historic, mythological and religious icons of all time, and not just in Hinduism or in India. His heavenly presence and words of knowledge, which is also the holy scripture of Hinduism, is famous all over the world.His followers are devoted to his numerous forms in numerous ways. Some worship the child - Gopala, some pay respect to wise and aged Vasudeva while some other worship his universal form – lying on the bed of snakes with his consort Goddess Lakshmi. The four Dhams of Lord Krishna also house different forms of the deity.

At Apkamart, you can get your very own deity of Lord Krishna in different forms, positions, and postures. Choose from your exquisite collection and have a piece of the most-told lore of Indian mythology in your home. We at Apkamart take care of all your home decor needs, adding a dash of tradition to the otherwise mundane home decor items.



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