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When we furnish our home or redecorate it, we like to stylize it in such a way that it reflects our personality. We like to see a part of our beliefs, our cultures in our home. We enjoy adding a dash of class and elegance to our abode that shines through as soon as someone steps in through the front door. Apkamart understands its customers’ need to incorporate their personal style into their home decor, and thus we bring to you a large variety of home decor, furniture, and decorative utility items.

India is home to multiple religions and countless cultures and subcultures. Each of these cultures come with their own set of beliefs and traditions. Many of these traditions involve placing one or more replicas of Hindu deities in one’s home, for various purposes. For example, the idol of Goddess Parvati is placed in a Hindu household to bring in the good energy of fertility and strength. Apkamart’s collection of religious idols and other similar artifacts exist for the purpose of letting our customers choose among hundreds of products, to find the one that best meets their tastes. Our collection of religious products is inspired by the incidences and legendary tales of Hindu mythology. Each of these products, be it wall hangings or religious idols, mirror the true beauty of Indian art and culture.

Featuring, Apkamart’s very own collection of Lord Hanuman idols. Lord Hanuman is most famously known for being the biggest devotee of Lord Rama. He is also known as Sankat Mochan, that is, one who eradicates pain, suffering, and hardships. The significance of placing idols, paintings or other items in one’s home dedicated to Lord Hanuman lies in this same belief. It is said that by doing so, you scare away evil energy and negative incidents from your home, and your life. In this spirit, Apkamart’s collection on Lord Hanuman idols helps our customers to adhere to this belief and while doing so, beautifying their abode as well. These idols have been exquisitely made with intricate details and the most stunning colors by our skilled artisans, such that you will never be satisfied with placing just one in your home.



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