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Lord Ganesha, aka Ganpati, has been an integral part of every Indian household. Known as the Lord of the Lords; he has been known to grace every auspicious event for centuries. His idols have been adorned in our homes to mark his presence and his blessings in our abodes. Each and every part of his idol is symbolic of something deep and spiritual. Many of us suppose his idol to be a mere statue of Lord Ganesha, but very few of us know about the deeper hidden meaning of his idol.

Apkamart has designed and showcased an exclusive collection of these Lord Ganesha Idols. These idols, depicting the pure emotions of love and joy, are ideal gifting option for friends and families on the occasions of Diwali, Housewarming, Wedding celebrations or any other sort of festivity. They can also be used as gifts for corporate events and office gatherings. One can choose either the metallic idols or the colorful and vivid Meenakari idols. Depending on the theme of your room decor and your choice of colors; you can make your pick from this exquisitely designed range of Lord Ganesh idols.

The large head of elephant placed on a human body in Lord Ganesh’s idol is a symbol of the vast intellect and knowledge possessed by the brain. It is believed that the Elephant’s brain is the largest of all land animals and has excellent determination, wisdom, and power. The small eyes represent the power of concentration. The flexible trunk of Ganpati’s idol is a sign of adjustability and adaptability. It depicts the versatility of our actions- both constructive and destructive. The two tusks symbolize the paths of right and wrong, which are faced by everyone during their lives. The tusks are broken in order to teach us to grow over the obstacles in our life. The big stomach of Lord Ganesh’s idol is a symbol of the celebration of life. Apkamart has a variety of these idols that are available in different sizes, to adorn various corners of your homes!



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