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The roots of Hinduism are older than time itself and the importance of cows in this religion is known to all. She is given the status of Mother and loved, respected and worshipped as a goddess because of her blessings in the form of what we now call dairy products. She gives us life-sustaining milk, the ghee used in the holy sacrificial fire – yajna. Gaumata, as we call her with respect, is a recurring figure in many Hindu mythological stories and Puranas.

Pay respect to this age-old faith of our country by keeping in your house these cowbell chimes offered by Apkamart. The cowbells are made of iron – thus sustainable and durable in nature. They mirror your devotion towards the ancient faith and also make a great decor for your wall, door frame or window sill. The unique design of the chimes and their ties to the Hindu antiquity gives them a lovely significance and makes them stand out from the crowd.



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