Why Artificial Jewellery Is Better Than Real Jewellery

One of the recent additions to our list of most difficult decisions as a woman has been the decision to choose between gold jewellery and artificial jewellery. It is extremely difficult to choose between the two as both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here in this article, we throw some light on why you should choose artificial jewellery over gold jewellery.

 You Are Less Worried When You Lose Artificial Jewellery Than Real Jewellery

 We've all lost count on how many times we've had to check if that gold chain or those diamond earrings are still there, or mysteriously disappeared into thin air. It becomes a great distraction for us and we can't seem to enjoy the occasion that we came for. Even while travelling with precious jewellery, we tend to keep checking our bags to ensure their safety. And once we lose them, all hell falls loose. It's not just the theft but the sinking feeling of losing all the money you spent on them, that hurts the most. This is where artificial jewellery saves the day. It's cheap and affordable and most of all, it is less likely to get stolen. You don't need to worry and keep checking if they are still on you. Even if you do lose something like a ring or an earring, the pang is less painful than losing gold jewellery.


Get the Same Look

 With so many variants around in the market, you can't find the perfect replacement for the expensive jewellery that goes perfectly with your outfit. Yes, it won't have actual rubies or pearls studded in it, but trust the artificial jewellery makers to make you believe otherwise. You can get an almost exact replica of your blings for a much lower price and with a lot of variations that you can't have when you make jewellery out of precious metals and stones.


More Variety

 Wouldn't it turn boring if you had a single necklace to go with your saree or dress every time? With artificial jewellery, you have the luxury of picking up various new trends and incorporate them into your clothing style. For the same outfit, you could try oxidised metal, gold/silver plated jewellery or even American diamonds. With the ever-changing trends in fashion, it becomes difficult to keep up with them if you have precious metals as your everyday jewellery, as they take up so much of time to get done. A preferable option would be artificial jewellery, which would match with more than one outfit.


Can go with any and all kinds of outfits

 There is a sea of options when it comes to artificial jewellery and the best part is that you can wear them with just about anything and everything. Like oxidised metal- it looks like a match made in heaven with kurtis and also goes great with jeans and an ethnic top. You can always experiment and add a funky twist to your everyday clothes with a change in your earrings or necklaces. The same kurta/dress can be transformed with a simple change in your accessories.


Maintenance Issues

 The most irritating part of owning a lot of gold or silver jewellery is that we need to get it polished regularly, in order to maintain its lustre and shine. And let's not even talk about what will happen if we forget to get them polished before we wear them for some event. Artificial jewellery, on the other hand, is easy to maintain and doesn't require any sort of maintenance. They are hassle-free in that way and don't bother us in that department.


Authenticity of the Metal or gemstone used

 How much ever the jewellery maker assures us that they use authentic and real metals and gems, we still are sometimes suspicious of whether it is true or not. Naturally too, because we'd rather shove a knife down our throats than be embarrassed about having fake jewels on our person.


Unstable Prices

 We never know what the prices of the anyway expensive gold or other precious metals might be. With the ever-fluctuating price that can go from pretty cheap to very-expensive in a day, it'd be a gambling game for whoever buys them. With those kinds of prices, it is a very tricky endeavour to buy any precious metals or gems for fashion purposes.


Accommodate various Trends

 Imagine how horrendous it would look if you had feathered hangings on your 24K gold earrings? This is where your artificial jewellery comes into play. You can pair up all the latest trends with all the artificial jewellery you want- oxidised metals with pom poms or studs with a single feather hanging. Everything that is trending is easily available with them. And since these trends change in an instant, they can burn your pockets, if you choose to flaunt them on precious metals.  


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