Out-of-the-box gift ideas for the next festive season

In India, we never fall short of festivals, do we? There is something or the other always knocking at our doors, urging us to get soaked in the celebrations. And with festivities come the obvious other part of it – gifts. What even is a festival if you do not shower your loved ones with lovely gifts?

But gifting is in no way an easy task. You have to pick something that is unique, creative, matches the person’s taste and also goes with the occasion. Here we help you out with some great gift ideas which are ethnic is style and yet completely out-of-the-box.

  1. Hanging Wall Votive



A votive is basically a tea-light holder, which further accentuates the ambience created by the small candles. But instead of the regular ones which can be kept on tables and counter tops, you can gift a hanging wall votive. Festivals in India anyway call for lots of bright lights. The wall votive will easily look like a small chandelier, when lit up with the candles. This way you gift something beautiful as well as something they can use in the festive season.

2.Traditional Jewellery Box

If the person you are gifting is a woman, jewellery box is a great idea for a festival. Women can never have enough jewels, but there is never enough space to keep all of them. But the usual boxes available in the market are too commonplace, isn’t it? They are not really suitable for a festive season. Find a traditional jewellery box like this one in the picture – it has all the bright colours of the palette and enough drawers to keep all the gold, silver and junk jewels inside.

3.Ethnic Bookends


Bookends are not at all a very common gift. But we all have that one bookworm or two in our gift list and this could mean the world to them. These vibrant and lovely bookends that you see are brilliant as both an item of utility, and something of a home decor. Giving bookends will set your gift apart, and they will remember you for remembering what they would like.

4.Wall Jharokhas

Jharokhas are abundantly seen in the grand architectures of Rajasthan and nearby places. In any palace or fort you visit, there are overhanging balconies throughout every façade, complete with the trademark mesh-like design that acts like a window. You can get a miniature version of the landmark architectural style of Rajasthan. They would look resplendent and gorgeous on the wall – a perfect gift for a festival.

5.Vintage Railway Clocks

Clocks and watches are a fairly common gift, but not railway clocks. In fact, these vintage pieces are so rare that you will not easily find them at any shop. Apkmart has you covered on that front with an exciting collection of these classics. Truly antique and echoing with timelessness, a vintage railway clock will be as unique a gift as they come, especially if the person loves historical things.



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