Top 5 Handcrafted Gifts for Her

'The most effective way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once', said the famous American comedian Henny Youngman. His quote effectively sums up the situation that a lot of our menfolk find themselves in, despite trying very hard not to forget important dates.

According to Dr. Marianne Legoto, author of ' Why men never remember  and women never forget'," women have a higher level of estrogen, and this helps them in remembering dates and events, and this might be why women are better at these tasks.” (source:

Although we can find thousands of jokes on this topic the fact is that we all like to be pampered on special occasions of our life like birthdays and anniversaries. Gifts are nothing but expressions of love, care and affection for a person.

I remember when I was 7 or 8 years old 'Hawkins' launched a tiny toy cooker which looked real and was a dream toy for girls in those days. When my brother gifted it to me on Rakhi I felt really special and that still remains one of my most cherished gifts.

Gifts create memories and we all wish to create an everlasting memory in the mind of that special woman in your life. The biggest question that most of us face is,' how to choose the best gift for your loved one?'

Don't worry we will help you with some handmade gift ideas which are unique and will definitely bring a smile on her face.

1) Tie & Dye Dress Material: Traditional handwoven clothes are always in vogue. You can gift dress material, dupattas, lehengas, and Kurtis in leheriya, bandhani, and mothda work. These look very elegant and beautiful. In fact in  Rajasthan, it is considered auspicious to gift leheriya sarees during the month of ‘sawan'.


Tie & dye dress material is always a good option as one can get it stitched as per choice and latest trend. Bright colors are used in these dress materials making them suitable for every occasion. Bandhej and leheriya dupattas are also a very good option. Colourful dupattas on plain kurta look fabulous.Girls often use these dupattas as stoles on western outfits like jeans & skirts.

2) Jewellery Box: Jewellery boxes combine utility with decoration beautifully. Women love jewelry (everyone knows that) and jewelry boxes offer an organized, safe and beautiful place to keep their valuables.You can find wooden boxes with traditional hand painting on them or boxes which look like little ‘sandook’ like the ones used by the Rajas and  Maharajas to keep their jewelry and gold coins.


Wooden boxes covered with decorated aluminum or brass sheet is another variation. They often come with multiple sections to keep all the delicate jewels in an organized manner and if you have committed the crime of forgetting that special day, then adding some jewelry in this box would be an added advantage :)

3) Bangle Stand: An artistically crafted bangle stand adds so much charm to the dressing table. Made of wood and neatly polished these bangle stands have multiple rods on which all kinds of bangles can be kept safely.


Beautiful carvings and paintings make this bangle stands a decorative as well as a utility article. Some variations are foldable and can be easily carried in your bag while attending functions like a wedding where you need matching bangles with every dress. These pretty and useful bangle stands can be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

4) Bookends: Remember how resistant your sister or your friend was when you wanted to borrow her favorite book. Even if you convinced them to lend their books they would give you a long list of instructions on “what to do and what not to do” with their books.


Yes, for those who love reading books are their treasure and a beautifully handcrafted bookend can be a unique gift option. Bookend sets are available in materials like vinyl, MDF, wood, and iron but handcrafted sets are the ones you will fall in love with, at first sight. Crafted of wood or iron and hand painted in bright colors these bookends will also add to the table decor.

5) Wind chimes and cowbells: Invite positive energy and music to her home with wind chimes. A variety of wind chimes are available in different materials like iron, wood, terracotta, and ceramic. Their colors range from copper to bright red, yellow to green and you can choose one that blends in perfectly with the décor.

If you are looking for an unusual gift you can go for cowbells which are generally made of iron and according to Feng Shui if hung outside the main entrance attract positive energy. Maybe that’s why Simran bought a cowbell in the movie DDLJ, it ultimately led Raj to her but that's a different story altogether.

Best part is that all these handcrafted gift options are easily available online these days so all you need to do is select the best gift and give it to her with all the love in your heart, even if you forget that special day:) 

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