Mashaals: Our First Weapons Against Darkness!

It was a moonless night with torrential rain falling outside. While sleeping in his cave he was thinking about today's incident. 'Fire' was not a new thing for him, he had seen it earlier but today it was different. He tried to repeat today's sequence in his mind and slowly sleep captured his thoughts.

Next day when he was trying to make his weapons and tools from the stone he tried to repeat what he had done the previous day. He rubbed the stones together and to his astonishment it was produced. Yes, a fire was produced. His reaction was mixed. He was excited and scared at the same time. It looked so beautiful. He tried to touch it but the beautiful fire burnt him. He yelped in pain and ran away from it. However, in the next few days, he discovered how to use it without getting burnt.

The result of his relentless efforts was a 'torch' made of bark and bamboo strips that lit his cave every night. He was not terrified of predator's attack now because he had a weapon that the animals were also afraid of.

Although he was not aware of what he had given to this world and how significant his discovery would be for the human race since then a torch along with a weapon of the fire has also been considered as a mark of revolution, enlightenment, knowledge, and learning.

The most famous torch of the Olympic Games signifies harmony and goodwill. The statue of liberty lifts her torch with the message "Liberty enlightening the world".


Before the advent of electricity, people started using these torches also known as Mashaal to light up their living space. In Indian palaces, there were many secret underground paths and basements which were mostly used for security purposes and one needed the help of the Mashaal to move around in these pitch dark places. In most of the palaces, you will find a designated space to place these torches on both sides of the door. Even the common man used them while travelling from one place to another.

Since everything which is unique finds its seat in today's world of modern interior decor, these beautifully crafted torches are not an exception. From old world's cave to modern world's living room these Mashaal adds a regal look to your decor.

This alluring range of decorative pieces is available in different sizes like 9 inches, 12 inches, 15 inches, 18 inches, 21 inches and 24 inches. A single Mashaal or set of two Mashaal's can be chosen according to space availability.

Elegant designs are embossed very artistically on these articles with jali work on the top. If you want an antique look you can select copper and bronze colour otherwise a wide range of vibrant colours are available to brighten up your space.

To add utility to this beautiful product a new range of Electric Mashaal's has been introduced recently. You can fix a coloured or simple bulb in the torch to transform it into a night lamp that can be hung in rooms or corridors.


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