How to choose a perfect Ganesh Idol For gift

Ganesha, also called Ganapati or Vinayak in different cultures, is one of the most worshipped Hindu gods. He is also widely worshipped by Jains and the Buddhists and across different Western and Southeastern Asian countries in different forms. Ganesha, the son of Parvati, hardly needs any introduction. He has a human body to symbolise the material or the Maya and an elephant head to symbolise the Atma or the self. In him both coexistence in perfect harmony. He imparts this harmony on his devotees. He is the "Lord of the Ganas". He is the remover of all obstacles. He is the giver of wisdom. He is the god of all auspicious beginnings. But what makes an idol of Lord Ganesha a perfect gift for any occasion?


Why is a Ganesh murti an ideal gift?

Ganesha has had an immense influence on the art forms across many cultures, especially on Indian art. The images and sculptures of Ganesha are widespread because of their aesthetic qualities and their essence of playfulness. This quality makes a Ganesh idol or image a perfect showpiece. It adds a lively artistic look to wherever it is placed. A Ganesh Murti can be placed anywhere, be it in the house or the office or at shops. Ganesha is known to be pleased in little and is always joyful, so you can usea Ganesh idol or image both as a showpiece or for puja. Also worshipping Ganesh can have more benefits than you can imagine. The mere presence of Ganesha imparts positive vibes and artistic beauty to the surrounding. Hence, it is the perfect gift for you to express your well wishes for anyone you value.

How to choose a Ganesha showpiece for a gift?

You must be careful of which kind of Ganesha is best for gifts and be aware of the adverse effects of choosing the wrong one. There are so many varieties of Ganesha available in the market that you will be confused as to which one to choose. There are 32 forms of Ganesha and all of them are marketed with different additions to make them more appealing as home decor. And so it can be tricky to choose the right one. A gift unwisely chosen can have the opposite effect of the desired one. So here we intend to break down for you the basic details by which you can identify which one of them is ideal for your purpose.

Ganesh murti based on postures:

  1. Sitting Ganesha:Ganesha in lalitasana is the most commonly found Ganesha. He sits with his knees folded and it is best if he has one foot on the ground. This would mean he is keeping a watch over the surroundings he is in. He is the calmest in this state. Ganesha in sitting position brings prosperity, wisdom, success, and removes obstacles. It is a perfect gift for weddings, house warmings, and starting of a new business or literally for any occasion. Place it anywhere except for the bedroom or dark places. Never place Ganesha facing away from the house.
  2. Dancing Ganesha:Ganesha is seen in Nataraj posture on Mushakraj, and this is the most vigorous form of Ganesha. It could signify the destruction of evil and also the creation of new, power and endurance. The dancing Ganesha is best to gift to artists or dancers for their studio. It is advisable not to keep it at home.
  3. Standing Ganesha: He is seen to be standing with one leg on his vahana. You can gift this for someone's office or a meeting place. It symbolizes good attitude and rigidity.
  4. Reclining Ganesha: He rests his head on one arm and reclines onto a comfortable pillow. This is only for decoration purposes as it has great aesthetic value. It can be placed in drawing rooms or waiting halls.

Ganesh murti based on trunk:

  1. Vamamukhi :The trunk is bent to the right. In this state, Ganesha is on his lunar power and is calm and easily pleased. It brings success and joy. This is the best gift for any occasion.


  1. Dakshinmurti :the trunk is bent to the left. In this state, Ganesha is on his solar power and is vigorous and powerful and needs proper pujas. It is unsuitable as a gift. It should not be placed anywhere except temples.


  1. Sushumna :the trunk is straight. This is rare and special. It is the highest spiritual form of Ganesha. This too can be gifted on any occasion.

Ganesh murti based on idol material:

  1. White marble: Generally used in business sites, it offers profit and progress while bringing peace.
  2. Wood: Brings success and good health. It is best for home and can be used anywhere.
  3. Clay: Widely found in different colours, it brings success, well-being and removes obstacles.
  4. Metal: Metal Ganesh is best for puja rooms. The silver Ganesh brings success and fame. Brass Ganesh brings peace, prosperity and joy. Copper Ganesh is the wish-fulfilling Ganesh. It is best for new beginnings.

Some minute details:

  1. The size of Ganesha should not be bigger than 18 inches.
  2. Make sure Ganesha has his vahana and the modak are present. But Ganesha is not shown eating the modak.
  3. Left tusk must be broken which symbolizes retaining the good and throwing away the bad.

There are many varieties of Ganesha but the best Ganesha you can blindly choose for a gift is the vamamukhi Ganesh in lalitasana.


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