5 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters we wish were our Siblings

The grandeur and regality of Game of Thrones have been ever increasing since its first episode aired. There is no denying the fact that among the numerous characters portrayed in this epic saga, we all have had our share of favourites. Quite many of us are die-hard fans of the sincerity of Jon Snow, while some are admirers of the notorious yet chivalrous Arya Stark. Their personalities range from witty, violent, just, strong, powerful, heroic, sinful and so much more. All of the things that tie together to make them memorable characters are also what makes us decide whether we love or hate them. Now as Game of Thrones is preparing to enter the new territory in the seventh season, here are a few of its characters which we would love to have as our siblings-

  1. Arya Stark- This young girl is a sword-yielding independent girl who is often mistaken for a boy. She apparently has a hit list and never fails to follow it successfully. Just imagine being close to one such soul. Just blabber out your enemy’s name and you will be rewarded by his beheaded body! This girl with no name seems like a scary one but is a trustworthy company. She has a pure heart just like her parents. She would make a brilliant and helpful sibling; who would help you in taking all your revenge!



  1. Jon Snow- This irresistibly gorgeous lad has got girls swooning all over him. He is a great leader and even a better human being. Being a member of Night’s Watch, he was endowed with many responsibilities, which he surely fulfilled. He is great in making peace with his enemies and is a just and fair ruler. Despite numerous attempts from Sansa, he did not punish the families of traitors. This kind-hearted lad would make for an excellent elder brother. He just continues to impress us more and more with his rational thoughts and charming looks. Well, it looks like we can’t thank the red woman enough to bring him back to life!



  1. Daenerys Targaryen- This gorgeous and fearless silver-haired girl surely has taken the series by storm. Known as the Mother of Dragons, she surely has their fire. Determined to take her claim to the iron throne, Daenerys is all set to take her birthright. She has single-handedly acquired the power, army, ships and masses to support her in this conquest. Whether it was Khal Drogo or Ser Jorah Mormont or even our dear Imp; she never fails to impress the people around her. In my opinion, a focused girl like her is a perfect choice for an elder sister. She cares for her people and has a soft heart along with some charming looks. With her three dragons by her side, she seems to be untamed and focused. Now, who wouldn’t love to have her as a sibling with those ferocious dragons to protect her and her friends!



  1. Tyrion Lannister- Although he is mocked by all other characters for his stout structure, Tyrion is one of the most unexpected characters of the series. He is an ardent reader and hence has acquired a lot of knowledge over the years. He might not be a great warrior, but he has a nice heart. He is one of the most liked characters of GOT. He has overcome the fact that members of his own family despise him, and he is always moving forward in his life. Although he spends so much time drinking wine, he is not some drunken fool. Unlike a vast majority of the characters in "Game of Thrones," Tyrion knows right from wrong and does not harm others for personal gain. He has a gentle heart and hence is often a victim of heartbreak. He would be apt for a sibling due to all his brains and witty sense of humour. As there is no denying the fact that he is quite a good entertainer and can do wonders with his words!



  1. Cersei Lannister- Most of you will be astonished to see her name on this list. But despite all the flaws and shrewd politics she has indulged into, Cersei is an over a protective fearless woman. She fears nothing and loves her family immensely. She knows no boundaries when it comes to protecting her children. All these qualities win her a place on this list. She has good looks, wealth and power, but she is often guided by the notions of destruction, revenge and violence. She is bold, manipulative and has her priorities in check. She appears to me like an overprotective sister and thus is a suitable contender for it. Whether it's tricking Ned Stark or exploding the Sept of Baelor; she does it all!



Many of the readers might not agree with my viewpoints, but that is just a matter of preferences. Some might like the faithfulness of Brienne of Tarth or even poor Podrick; as it seems this series has the most complex of characters. So each one of you can pick your own favourite!

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