Top 10 gifts for your loved ones for Christmas

Winter is finally here and along with it the colourful festive vibes of Christmas. The most beautiful holiday season brings along with it, lots of cheer, laughter, lights – but most importantly, lots of gifts. From getting our stockings filled with gifts from Santa to exchanging them with loved ones – we have all come a long way.
But choosing a gift for any occasion is not that easy. Whether to go for something sophisticated or to keep it minimal and personal – the questions are many. Here are some really good options that you can pick from as your Christmas gifts for near and dear ones.

Hanging votive or light holders:

Any festival calls for lots of lights around the house, and Christmas is no different. A lovely tea light or candle holder will be an ideal gift for this season as it will be a perfect utility item for the festival as well as a great addition to the aesthetics of the home décor as well.
At Apkamart, you will find an exquisite range of decorative light holders – there are traditional ones resembling antique lanterns as well as modern ones in unique and innovative shapes.


Hand-knit scarves:

Nothing speaks of love and warmth like a touch of your own creativity. If you are good with wool and knitting sticks, sit down for an hour or two and make some scarves. Go for a pastel base and big bright colours to highlight it with. The younger people in your household will love them, so will some of the older ones.


Some things never get old – and books are the best examples of that. If the person you are gifting is someone very close and you know their personal tastes and preference, then get the latest releases and good reads from that genre and gift it with a lovely note. If you are not sure – search for bestsellers as well as old classics. They never fail a bibliophile.

A girl can never have too many necklaces or earrings. Search through our variety of traditional as well as contemporary pieces and choose the perfect one for your wife, sister, mother or girlfriend. Nothing can be better than giving the women in your life an excuse to deck up on Christmas Eve.
Old music albums:

Remember how mixed tapes were a rage back in the days? Well, a jukebox is the latest version of it, where you can put in songs of different artists and albums together. It might be a virtual gift, but keeping technology in mind, it is a great one. Put in the old classic hits of the golden era and as well as some of the Christmas carols from childhood. It will hit the right chords with nostalgia.
Wall hangings:

Wall hangings are always a safe and at the same time, sophisticated option for gifting. Go for unconventional and distinctive pieces that go with the charming feeling of the season and speak for your sense of aesthetics. Here at our site, you will find different designs and patterns that will look elegant and classy on the walls.

 Goodie hampers:

Goodie hamper is a great idea for a gift when you have little time to invest but want to make it special nevertheless. Buy a jute basket or if you want a sturdier version of it, you can even choose from our decorative boxes at Apkamart, fill them with dry fruits, titbits, chocolates, crackles and some other small things that your loved ones might like, cover it with a see-through cellophane paper, tie it up with ribbon and voila! Your gift is all ready to go.
Online memberships:

Online memberships are the latest trend in gifting. There are a number of online academic, library and streaming sites which ask for a monthly or annual subscription or membership amount. This is especially a useful gift for your kids or other younger family members whose lives revolve a lot around the internet.

Decorative clocks:

Gifts are temporary, love and friendships are timeless. To celebrate such relations, gift your loved ones authentic traditional vintage clocks that will remind them of the bygone times as well as the new and better times to come. These elegant timepieces available on our website make excellent gifts for this holiday season.

Designer Diaries:

With Christmas, New Year is also knocking right at the door and if the person for whom you are gifting has a habit of writing one, gift them a diary or journal to organise their daily schedules and record their everyday experience. There are some beautiful leather-bound diaries in our collection too. Choose from a range of designer diaries mad with handmade paper to help your loved ones remember how they kicked off 2018.



 We hope these ideas would help you in choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones. If you want to add anything to the list feel free to mention it in the comments section. Happy Shopping!


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