Top 10 Best Gifts you can give your Friends this Diwali

Diwali, as most people already know, is the biggest celebrated festival in India. Although it has been celebrated around the world too since the last few years, it is famous for many things like distributing gifts and sweets, buying new clothes, and setting off fireworks. Gifting is one of the major aspects of Diwali as we send our wishes for prosperity and well being to all our loved ones. Now there are some people who probably leave the shopping till the very last moment. Well, that just creates a frenzy and they often end up giving things to people which are not right for their recipients. So this festive season, I bring a lot of options to pick from while selecting gifts. Trust me, nothing feels better than looking at your family's and friend's faces when you give them something that lifts their spirits right up.

10. Devotional Handicrafts

Before you all start rolling your eyes at me, just hear me out. I know gifting regional handicrafts like God and Goddess Statues, Hangings, Wall Art, and other things has been there since you were probably in your diapers. And while most of these items are regifted, there are some true gems that can make your friends and family very happy. Now it’s a classic gift for Diwali for a reason only. So get up and start looking for unique and intricate handicraft items to gift to your loved ones this Diwali. Trust me, your mom would love nothing more than a stellar statue of the God she prays to. Just an idea, rest is your imagination.

9. Decor Items

Say you cannot decide what to buy for your friends or family, there is an option that allows you to give them something that will always be on display to them so they can be reminded of your good wishes all the time. Everyone loves to jazz up their decor every now and then. So, you give your loved ones an opportunity to spruce up their interiors. There are a plethora of products that we offer from this genre including Vases, Hangings, Clocks, Figurines, Statues, Holders, etc. Even if you are not sure about anyone’s taste, you will always be able to buy the right gift from them from this category based on their taste in interiors. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?                


8. Clothing

I know a lot of people think clothing as a very difficult option for gifting. This is due to the different tastes and sizes of all the people you want to buy it for. But there are some situations where you don't have to deal with all that hassle. Usually, we buy clothes for close family members and friends as we are acquired with their preferences. But we all can falter when it comes to selecting their sizes. Now there are some clothing options that can prove to be really special and sentimental without you having to guess their size. Items like Sarees, Scarves, Stoles, Suits, and Ties come in a universal size. One thing that I can guarantee is that no matter how bad you are at selecting clothes, giving your mom a special stole or your dad a unique tie can really make their day.

Photo by Vikas Shankarathota on Unsplash


7. Boxes and Baskets

The ritual of offering someone sweets and dry fruits have been around for ages and has been followed generation after generation. So why not gift your friends and family something that will allow them to serve and display all their snacks in style. Nothing screams royal and elegant more than a set of handcrafted bowls, baskets, or boxes to serve special items like Dry Fruits, Mukhwas, Sweets, etc. What makes this option more versatile is the number of styles that these sets are made in. No matter what kind of interiors your family or friends have; there is an option that will suit each one of their homes.


 6. Wine Themed Gifts

Now we all have friends and family members who know how to correctly appreciate a bottle of fine wine. So, as their good wishes, it’s our duty to gift them something that will always remind you of them while they enjoy a glass of wine. Gifts like Wine Opener Sets and Wine Bottle Holders come under this category. I know when you hear wine opener set; boring might come to your mind. But let me assure you we have some amazing wine opener sets that really stand out from the ordinary bunch. As for bottle holders, well every nice bottle needs a companion for support. May your loved ones have an ethnic interior or a modern one; I assure you that you will find the right match for them.


 5. Furniture

Well, let's just say some people are impossible to shop for. Although we love them dearly, we still cannot decide what to buy for them. Furniture is something that doesn’t jump to anyone’s mind while they are looking for gifting options. I do agree that it is a less opted gifted option, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not an amazing one. A humongous range of products falls under this category so you have tons of different products to choose from. Trust me, you do want to see the look on that special person’s face when you give them a handcrafted piece of furniture. The gift will have so much thought and value as it’s a unique handmade present. Just think about your family and friends always having a little piece of you around them.  If that doesn’t sound special, I don’t know what will?

4. Stationery

I can bet anything on the assumption that you never imagined this range of products for gifting solutions. A lot of people skip over stationery when they are thinking about gifting options. It's understandable too as stationery can be deemed as a very plain and boring gift. There is a way to spruce it up though. We offer a lot of stationery products adorned with funky and special themes. Pen Holders, Bookends, Diaries, etc. are very much in trend these days. It's a very special way to gift someone a thing they'll use daily and think of you when they use it. If you want to make it extra special, just add all these things into a Stationery hamper. I don't know about you but I sure would love to get one this Diwali.


 3.Bags and Clutches

Let's talk bags guys. So at the present time, there are a plethora of bags and clutches available in the market. Now I know it’s tough to find the perfect bag or clutch for the special lady or friend in your life. But if you observe just a bit about their taste, I’m sure you will be making them very happy this Diwali. Women love a bag with tons of space so we can fit our entire universe in it. A cute clutch is an absolute essential when it comes to attending parties and special events. We have a huge range of products belonging to this category made for everyone’s tastes and style. Go on and pick something that suits your needs the best.


 2. Accessories

When it comes to Accessories, you can never go wrong with them. Every person likes them no matter what their taste, style, or age is. The best part is the huge variety of accessories available in the market these days. The best part? Now you can order it online within the comfort of your home as well. Just sit back and order and we’ll deliver it right at your doorstep. Items like Wallets, Backpacks, Pouches and many more fall under this category. This genre lets you play it safe as most of the times we know what our close relatives and friends have been meaning to buy. Now, what would be a better way to surprise your sister with the wallet she has been wanting for ages?

1. Jewelry

Let's come to the more expensive and extra special side of gifts. I just want to clarify here that gifting someone jewelry doesn't mean that you always have to buy the most expensive things. There are times when our pockets don't allow us to spend money with a heavy hand. So for the people who can afford it and the people who can't, I would suggest go with your situation. Jewelry is something that holds a lot of meaning and value in the eyes of the person we give it to. But it doesn't mean that this statement would be false if we are giving them something that is not made out of pure gold or diamonds. I'm sure the special person in your life would appreciate an American Diamond jewelry piece as much as they would a real Diamond one. 

That was the list guys. I know Diwali means a lot more to all of us instead of just getting ready and setting off fireworks. It's a festival that brings families closer worldwide. The gifts you give to your loved ones on Diwali is a great gesture of appreciation. I'm sure a lot of you would love to receive gifts from the list above. I know I would. Now don't forget to write down in the comments below which gift you would like to receive and do let me know if you have any other unique idea too. Always remember, these gifts are just an excuse to show your friends and family how thankful you are for having them in your life. 


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