Make Her Day Special: 5 Best Rakhi Gifts For Your Sister

Rakhi is an occasion for which every sister and brother wait for patiently every year. Well, there is no doubt that all the sisters like me wait for it just a bit more anticipating those sweet gifts we get. Brothers are not so bad themselves, as they get us so many awesome gifts every year, even if we annoy the heck out of them. That’s what Rakhi is about at the end of the day it’s the fiesta of the very important and necessary three F’s that is Family, Food and the ultimate Fun. So this Rakhi to spice things up a bit, we bring you the prime guide of gifts which will help you to find the perfect gift for your annoying partner in crime. Your sister can be a shy little bird or a bold diva, we will help you find just the right gift for her so that nobody can stop you from winning the brother of the year award.

As I quote the famous saying “A diamond is a girl’s best friend”, I really don’t need to elaborate much. Now, this absolutely doesn’t mean that it’s limited to Diamonds only (although that would be pretty amazing). Every girl loves adding a bit of  ‘bling’ in her life. Maybe it is the viral trending choker that she’s been wanting to buy for ages or a pair of elegant & classy teardrop earrings that she just cannot resist. But what makes it a special present is not just because she wanted it, but the idea of her baby bro or her alpha brother gifting her something that she desires.  So all you brothers out there with absolute zero jewellery knowledge, get help and get busy, surprise your sister with this gift and put a smile on that pretty face of hers.

Utility Decoratives
So you remember how your sister has a ton of jewellery lying around that sometimes she doesn’t even wear. As stated before, girls love jewels and you can give them a perfect gift by giving them something to sort all their precious jewels with. Girls love to collect different kinds of things from that perfect pair of earrings to the shiny metal bangles. This year you can get your sister amazing accessories to decorate her room with. From the distinctively made wooden bangle stand to the remarkable wooden & brass jewellery box, you can get any accessory from our wide range of home decor products to pop that smile on your sister’s face.

There is a simple way to earn some brownie points with your sister this year - by getting her favourite brand of cosmetics. Girls love to indulge themselves infamous cosmetic brands to feel good and pampered. Cosmetics cover a very wide variety of products that can cheer your sister up. Think about her favourite and feminine fragrance and how happy she would be to receive a bottle of it or a bit expensive but extremely pretty lipstick that she would just love to pair up with her favourite dress. You can never go wrong shopping for your sister when it comes to cosmetics. So, go ahead and buy something nice for your sister just to show a little token of appreciation that she truly deserves. 



A watch is something that you can gift your lovely sister just to remind her how much you care for her. This year get your sister a perfect watch that matches her personality so it can remind her of you every second it rests on her wrist. A watch is a very intimate and special gift to give someone which makes it the perfect choice to give to your little minion aka sister. Watches come in a wide variety giving you the opportunity to find the right one for your sister that will not just look good on her wrist but will suit her persona as well. Get her a watch just so you can show her how special she is by reminding her every single second of the time she wears that watch.

Video Games 

I personally believe in ‘Saving the best for the last’, which is exactly what I did here. All the girls hate being stereotyped just because they are girls. Our society has this notion of girls not indulging in ‘Guy’ activities like Video Games. Many sisters like me have begged their brother to let us play our favourite video games on their desktops. Remember when you used to play ‘Road Rash’ when you were little and how your sister begged you to let her play. It’s about time that you buy her favourite Video Game and let her put her game face on. So go ahead and challenge your sister for a match, I’m sure she would love nothing more than having a wonderful time with her brother playing games and having fun.


So folks, there it is, the ultimate yet handy guide to get your sister the perfect gift for Rakhi. There’s nothing more important in life more than family and we wait every year to celebrate a day that’s important and close to our heart. Your sister spends a copious amount of time to get just the perfect Rakhi for you. It’s time that you returned the favour so all the time she spent on shopping for you from the sweets to the gift she got you don't go in vain and your baby sister has the day of her life.

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