Five things your father will love on Father’s Day!
Fathers have always held our hands when the world fell apart when we got
a bad grade or even got pulled over by the traffic police. No wonder “Tu
janta nahi mera baap kaun hai” is a phrase that is close to our hearts. So,
for this utterly cool man in our lives, we have a list of five things that we
are quite sure will bring a smile on your father’s face. Come on, let’s
explore a bit right here.
Fathers become our friends after a point in our lives. From being the strict
disciplinarian who we were scared of as kids, they eventually become our
buds who we can also share a drink with. In the journey of him becoming a
friend to us, we discover so many sides to him as he discovers so many
unique sides to us. What better way to celebrate this togetherness yet the
uniqueness other than clinking the glass and toasting it to him for all that
he has done for us. Be it a party, a day full of celebration or just a casual
evening of catching up with daddy dear, we are quite sure fathers are
always game for some adventure. Because take our word when we say
that he knows how to mix the drinks and down a shot better than you. It’s
not just sharing a drink after all but, it’s more about sharing the emotions
at that moment. A few life lessons here and a few jokes there will always
be the highlights of such cosy evenings. So, we would always urge that a
few beautiful bottle holders would always make the perfect gift for him!
He is no less than a poet and a writer himself. He created his life, his work
and eventually you – a work of art if nothing else and, he helped you grow
with all the lessons and emotions that he gathered in his life. What better
than a diary to gift to this glorious man to let him write his stories for you
and for the coming generations. We are sure that everybody loves to write
sometimes for we all have a story to tell. Our fathers have a big one too.
And, we believe, there is no one else who could teach you to be strong yet
humble if not for your father. So, if you were thinking that if only there
could be something where he could write his heart out, then you are right
to think of a diary. Each page holds words that are the writer’s own. To be
able to write his experiences for you to read will leave your father with the
utmost happiness. Why not try to show how your care with a way so
artistic that he beams at you with joy.
There has always been this instance when your father couldn’t find his
spectacles even when the pair was calmly perched on his head while he
looked around the world for them. Funny, isn’t it? We have had a bit of a
laugh here and there too before pointing it out to him saying that “Dad, what’s that on our head?” His look after that was priceless, we know. But,
sometimes we also have to think of making his life a bit easier instead of
giving him mini heart attacks about either breaking his spectacles by
sitting on them or losing them in some other dimension in the space-time
continuum. Because let’s admit it, dads and spectacles are a timeless
combo but, they are also the most easily separated. That’s an
undoubtedly scary thought. Therefore, what perfect gift than a spectacle
holder for all the fathers out there? We understand how worried they get
when the world sometimes becomes blurry so help him out a bit by gifting
him not only a place to keep their spectacles but, a sense of reassurance
that they will never have to lose it ever again.
Ed Sheeran has sung passionately about photographs and how important
they are for our lives. It’s nothing less than a peek into history and all
those beautiful moments lived by graciously. Remember the time when
you were born and your father had first held you in your arms? Of course,
you don’t. That’s where that photograph comes in. Isn’t it great that we
have a technology which can literally capture a moment and preserve it
forever? So, don’t you think that such beautiful photographs require a
frame to grace its aesthetic and memorable senses? Want to make it a
memorable Father’s Day for your dad – we have some tricks up our
sleeves. Take candid pictures of him when he isn’t looking or compile a
collection of the coolest picture of your man. Put them all together in our
cool photo frames and gift him a memory that he would cherish forever!
Nothing ever beats a nice hot cuppa with daddy dear. An evening full of
rain, the wind howling outside, lightning striking the ground and dad is
telling a story of his adventures with all this as the background music. In
such moments, you definitely need to share a cup of hot coffee to enjoy
the chills of the tales and the warmth of his narration. We are sure you get
the hint of where we are going with this? That’s right, coffee mug! A nice
mug is the coffee’s perfect companion and so will be your dad’s too. We
know how much your father will love this gift for the evening beverage is
what none of us can ever get over. Why get over it too? Let’s add some
punch to it and see our fathers take a hearty sip with love. He will use it
with the newspaper, magazine, TV and even when he just wants to
remember you or spend some time with you.
We hope that we have catered to your Father’s Day gifting ideas with
some valuable suggestions from our side. We truly feel that fathers
deserve it all for if it were not for them, this world would be completely
bleak and dull. This Father’s Day, show your dad what a beautiful ray of
sunshine he is in your life and gift him a bit of love with our creative

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