Since ancient times, Feng Shui (风水) methods have been used to attract wealth. Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that claims to use energy forces to harmonize the environment. Feng Shui is a Chinese term where Feng means air and Shui means water. Feng Shui doesn’t bring anyone money or wealth instead it create an environment at home and office that gives you support and strength to attract energies of the prosperity of wealth and money. 

There are many easy and simple tricks to attract the attention of wealth and money. From arranging areas according to the money need to using wealth symbols. These are some of them which can be done with ease.

  1. The area should be Welcoming: - Your house should always look welcoming if you want money to come into your house. Hence an attractive front door is must need. Make sure the door open wide without creating any unwanted noises. Avoid keeping dustbins, shoe rack, or any old or broken vase near. Use wealth pointers such as an arrow (or three) pointing inside of the house that gives directions to the money to come in. Place it under the rug, or anywhere near the front door. Arrows can be made by Chinese coins to increases the chances.


  1. Entrance hall: - Entrance hall, next key area to invite income and new opportunities. The foyer should always look neat, clean, and beautiful. Use bright lights, beautiful wallpapers, and Feng Shui symbols. Feng Shui symbols not only attract wealth but also protect the money presently. Chinese coins, wood artifacts, wallpapers of water sources, or fisheries look good and attract the strong force of wealth energy. Use elements such as wood, the golden colored element which represents money to decorate the area.


  1. Money Area: - This is the home office where you manage your financial works. So, it should be welcoming and harmonizing. This area needs to be well and properly organized and beautiful the most. Use wood artifacts, blue color, water images, fish images, Chinese coins, Feng Shui gems, bamboo, and other symbols to increase and protect money.


  1. Water and wealth: - Wood is considered as an element which represents money. Water is what nourishes the wood. The flow of water represents the flow of money. Using images of water sources especially with plenty of foam in the open view, and water fountain showpiece no matter what size works as the best cure in healing money problems. Fishes and the color of water blue are also counted in the cure of wealth problems. Keeping aquarium gives a beautiful look to the area and attract wealth and abundance. To get then in use one can also use fish printed wallpaper, curtain, clock, or fish art in various places. 


  1. Clutter less Environment: -“Clutter is not just any stuff on the floor, it’s something that stands between you and your goal”. The more the clutter the far the money. It represents the loss of money. A cluttered space can neither attract, nor keep, the energy of wealth. Clear up everything which drains money. Get rid of broken and damaged things. Fix leaking water sources as their leakage symbolizes loss. Keep only healthy plants. Rotten and unhealthy plants ruin the environment which easily misleads the direction of wealth energy.


  1. Make 27 Changes: - Feng Shui changes strong energy force into wealth energy. Sometimes money issues such as surprise expenses occur. Which needs a quick solution, for those making changes in the environment helps you the best at that moment. Sometimes a little change is all that is needed. Feng Shui suggests changing 27 things from your house. Makes changes in kitchen, bedroom, and hall, etc. but make sure the counting is exact 27. If your question is why 27 only? Then it is because 27 number is regarded as the premier number. 2+7=9, in Feng Shui it represents fullness and transformation of heaven and earth.


  1. Symbols of Wealth: - Display Feng Shui symbols in your home that speak to you about wealth and abundance. Use symbols such as wealth ship, Chinese coins, and wallpapers which represents wealth energy. Gold and Purple color represent a strong money correlation. You can use gold and purple colored paintings, rugs, furniture, etc.


Those were some tips to arrange your area to welcome income and wealth. Similarly, the following are some Feng Shui symbols which are also known as Feng Shui cures.

  1. Chinese coins: - The most commonly used wealth symbol. It attracts and protects wealth. Chinese coins also symbolize attracting good luck.
  2. Lucky Bamboo: - Lucky bamboo is one of the most famous Feng Shui cures. The plant represents the element of wood and the red ribbon around it represents fire. It is widely known to bring wealth luck, good luck, and prosperity. It is also used as an item for decoration because of its soothing and almost transcendental looks
  3. Wealth ship: - Wealth ship in Feng Shui is used as a pointing thing. Hence wealth ships are often seen in house or office facing inwards from the main door and not the other way around. It also looks beautiful for a décor.
  4. Gem Tree: - Feng Shui gem trees containing citrine crystals are often used to attract money. Mix gem Feng Shui crystal tree when placed in northwest increases money luck and opportunity and if placed in the southwest sector it enhances love and romance luck.
  5. Feng Shui fountains: - Feng Shui fountains attract wealth and good chi flow. No matter its size its works as a powerful Feng Shui cure. Outside or inside a real fountain can be used anywhere to attract everyone’s attention as well.
  6. Animals: - According to Feng Shui there are some animals that can attract this fortune. These animals are tortoises, goldfish, dogs, cats, pigs, horses. Their statues, the image gives a cute look to the area and works as a fortune catcher.
  7. Laughing Buddha: - Laughing Buddha is a Feng Shui cure for good health, success happiness, good luck, and good wealth. Often depicts with gold ingots, a Wu Lou (Chinese gourd), sack of treasures and sometimes they are surrounded by children. 
  8. Dragon Turtle: - This classical Feng Shui cure is a mythical creature for wealth protection and good luck. It is a dragon-headed turtle often seen standing on a bed of coins and it holds a coin in its mouth.

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