Easy Eco-friendly Home Decor Ideas

We must take care of our planet.  More and more people around the world are realizing the need to change our lifestyle for the better future of the world and the people in it. Many people try to help but are often intimidated and confused. Every small help and changes like utilizing less water, walking instead of driving and choosing the right material for your leisure can help the planet. Here are some tips and practices that you can easily implement in your life that will save money and are good for the environment.

  1. Pick the right materials

When you are buying any product or decor for your home, always make sure you are choosing the right material as it has a direct impact on the environment. Always research before purchasing. When buying building material or a piece of furniture, the durability of the material must be of the highest priority as it will result in waste reduction and will also save money in the long run. A lot goes in the making of any product starting from manufacturing, transportation to delivery. All of these processes take up a lot of energy. That is the reason why purchasing locally-sourced items are always better. Having knowledge of different materials and buying the right product is enough to make a difference in the world.

  1. Choosing a timeless, neutral theme

Trends are ever-changing and keeping up with the new fashion trends lead to a lot of wastage. This is something probably every homeowner has faced. What may seem stylish and on-brand with time may soon fade out. For instance, a particular swatch or a couch style may be considered trendy this year but as soon as another new trend hits the internet, the older trend goes out in the trash. It is extremely important when you are choosing furniture like a couch to go for a neutral colour scheme and designs that have passed the test of time. That way it will never go out of style. You can accessorize them with the current trend. Thus, reducing trend. It might be the easiest way to protect the environment but it can be very effective.

  1. Consider vintage decor

Vintage decors have its own charm. Buying per-used decors and furniture can have an immense impact on waste reduction. Vintage decorations are chic and many people are actually fans of the wear-and-tear and rugged aesthetic. If you are trying to save money, buying vintage and repurposed furniture and décor is the reasonable option as they should cost much less than buying new items. The next time you are thinking of buying a piece of new furniture or replacing a décor, take a look first at online websites or local thrift store. You never know what old treasure you may discover that will save you money, improve the aesthetic of your house and help the environment at the same time.

  1. Repurpose old items

Over time, you may find items around the house that are no longer fashionable or does not go with your current taste. You might want to throw them away and replace it with something new and fashionable. Instead of throwing them away, have a moment and see if you can turn into a DIY project. Repurposing the old home decors is an efficient way of reducing wastage. Simple things like reupholstering your furniture can give it a new look without you having to throw it away. Some small DIY projects can also become a fun activity for the entire family that will keep everyone engaged and happy.

  1. Recycle

When we say think about eco-friendly lifestyle, recycling is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But it can be confusing if you are just starting with recycling. Try buying products that are made from recycled materials and have minimal packaging. It is also important to know what can be recycled and how should you recycle them. Paper that does not have a waxy side and cardboards with no food or grease marks are acceptable for recycling. When you want to recycle a glass container, make sure they are rinsed properly and are not broken. When it comes to plastic, be mindful that not all plastic can be reused.  Most recyclable plastics have the numbers one through seven, usually at the bottom that indicate which kind of plastic it is. Plastic that can be bent easily is usually not recyclable.

  1. Invest in Energy Efficient Lighting

If you are not using energy-efficient lighting like LEDs, it is time to start investing in them. LEDs are a much more efficient alternative to other traditional lighting options. LEDs are known to convert most of the energy to light, which means very less heat is generated. For leading a more environment-friendly life, it is important to save energy as much as one can. That includes making sure you are not unnecessarily keeping the lights on. LEDs use much less power. Not only is that good for the environment, but it is also a great way to save money. LEDs are also known for their brightness and intensity and are low maintenance due to their longer life.

  1. Switch to Linens

Linens are stylish, comfortable and durable but most importantly it is a biodegradable material. Hence, it is a great choice if you want to embrace a greener lifestyle. Linens are often associated with luxurious summer clothes, but it is a great alternative to other fabric and is actually good for the environment. Made from flax plant fibers, the neutral shades of ivory, tan, and grey are perfect for any household and any theme. The best thing about linens is versatility. Think about any household item starting from curtains and bed sheets to towels and tablecloths, you can switch to natural linens. Linens are also a resistant material which means you will not have to worry about replacing them every now and then.

  1. Donate what you don’t need

Finally, over time it is natural to get rid of your belongings and item you no longer need. But, when you think the amount of waste that is generated due to that, it does not make any sense of throwing them away. Instead, you should donate them to someone who might need them or be able to repair or revamp them and use it. Things like clothes, toys, books and even working electronics goods can be reused. Donating old items will not only help you declutter your home but it might help someone and make their day. Reducing wastage is often overlooked but it is a very effective way to help the environment.


You do not need to change your entire lifestyle in the span of a single day. Make small changes.


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