10 Most Heartwarming Gifts for your Loved Ones on Diwali

We know Diwali is the festival of lights and also the most celebrated one. This joyous occasion has no bounds as we get to meet with all our extended families. As a token of love and respect we use to gift our relatives on this occasion. Gifts are always something very close to our hearts, and when it comes from our loved ones it is more than special. So this gift should be unique and attractive, but choosing it can be confusing. Let us take a look at some good instances which you can take in your account and present your loved ones an impressive gift.

1. Decorative Lamps and Lanterns

The idea of gifting decorated lanterns and lamps is pretty impressive in the festival of lights. It is a traditional belief that light destroys all kinds of evil powers and bestows us with a fruitful life. However, the old sort of formal lanterns and lamps are now outdated. Decorated and designed lights and lanterns are currently in use and very much trending. One can place these lamps and lanterns anywhere in their home – bedroom, living room, dining hall, study, and in light of the current situation, at their work-from-home station. A beautiful looking lamp will always light up your space, literally and figuratively.



2. Wall hangings of Goddess Laxmi

If you're looking for a traditional gift related to the Diwali occasion, then there is nothing better than gifting the wall hangings or idols of goddess Laxmi. Goddess Laxmi is considered as the harbinger of luck, fortune, and prosperity, as she rings in wealth and helps business to thrive. The goddess here sits in her calm and composed avatar on a lotus, showering blessings on the home and its residents. Want to bring back the happy times in your near and dear one’s family? Then gift them these wall hangings of the divine Lady Luck, Goddess Laxmi.













3. Candles and Candle Holders

In our everyday puja accessories, candle is one of the primary listed items. Candles flourish the aura of positive power in the households. It can be the right gift item if you're thinking of presenting something to anyone keeping in mind their physical and spiritual well-being. Also, these scented aromatic candles can be used in decorating homes and for romantic candlelight dinners. Every candle also needs a beautiful candle holder that you can gift along with the candle.















4. Pens and Pen holders

Pens are of great use to everyone, whether they are related to academic studies or have completed it. We can see that our pen doesn't have any fixed position and we can't find them when there's an absolutely urgent need. For keeping the pens in proper place there is a need for pen holders. Gifting diaries and pen holders collectively can create a great impression. Both the gifts get widely used in between every family member irrespective of the age.















5. Dry fruit box

These traditional dry fruit boxes come in various designs and shapes, as well as with a whole lot of nostalgia. They get handcrafted with love and care, and given shapes of beautiful leaves or other lovely vintage motifs. These dry fruit boxes are also available in brass or gold coloured boxes. Dry fruit boxes can be an extraordinary gift for Diwali because they carry the ideal gift for the occasion, and also enhance the decorations of the house. The vibrant coloured dry fruit box is very much eye-catching and can get used in keeping the dry fruits safe for a long time.















6. Flower vase

Festivals are incomplete without beautiful flowers. And what else is best to hold flowers for home décor than a gorgeous vintage flower vase. Fresh and attractive aroma of the flowers helps to keep the family gathering alive. Flower vases can be a necessary gift item that can be used to decorate the tables beautifully in the living room. The extraordinary marble, metal, wooden, and wooden artistic vases can change the look of the room. Gift a unique flower vase this Diwali.















7. Wind chimes

In recent years, it has been a trend to list wind chimes as gift accessories. The sound which a wind chime makes is considered very pure, and they eliminate all negative vibes from the household and emanate positivity. The sound itself is very much pleasing to ears and helps in sleep. Wind chimes come in various modern designs which can be a good gift for an occasion like Diwali. Wind chimes nowadays come integrated with the dream catchers in it and this kind of wind chimes are now very much in trend. In Native American culture, dream catchers help sieve in good dreams through the cobweb-style design in the middle and keep nightmares at bay.















8. Wall clocks

Many gifts are not related to everyday use but clocks are not that kind of gift. Clocks have various types which are traditional clocks, decorative clocks, and many other designed clocks. These clocks can be one of the most useful gifts which can enhance the interior beauty of the house. Also, the sizes and designs of the clocks can matter because the beauty and style statement depends upon it. If it is possible then try to gift wall clocks according to the colour of the walls so that it can beautify the room on a different level.















9. Canvas Paintings

If you gift handmade canvas painting to your loved ones, it would define the good taste you have in art. Very few people take this kind of initiative of presenting a gift of pure art to their close ones. We often see in movies or magazines how canvas paintings get used in decorating the walls of royal palaces. A gift of canvas painting inoil colour or water colour can make your gift stand out from all of the ordinary gifts.















10. Puja Thali

Whenever we visit any temples or have a spiritual occasion in our home we need a puja thali where we can prepare the desired puja accessories. These puja thalis can be a great gift in the event of Diwali. Puja thalis get decorated with so much art and excellence that it hikes the beauty of the devotional room. Puja occasions are incomplete without puja thalis.

Every small gift brings a smile to whom you're gifting on the occasion of Diwali. Then there are these unique gifts which are useful in daily life in many ways and can be a good memory of you when you're not around.



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