Perfect Ganesha Murti Gifts based on Materials

Ganesh murtis made of different materials and colour are found in the market. What colour and what material Ganesh murti should you choose for a gift? Ganesha murti or Ganesha showpiece as a gift is always a great aesthetic choice and you can also derive phenomenal benefits from it.

Silver Ganesha : Ganesha made out of silver brings fame. So it is the best gift to your artist friend or anyone seeking to be popular.

Copper Ganesha : This Ganesha is the best wedding gift. It is best for newly married people if they wish for happy and healthy offspring. Copper Ganesha blesses us with good family life. The long-lasting quality and copper colour will make you treasure it like some old ancestral lucky charm.

Brass Ganesha: This is best for a house puja room. The brass Ganesha is said to bring prosperity and joy is worshiped regularly. You can give this for any house function. It is durable and has an antique look.

Clay Ganesha : If you are wishing for success for your loved ones, gift them a clay Ganesha. Clay Ganesha removes all obstacles and provides an auspicious journey. It is suitable as a birthday gift or for someone starting a new business or any new venture.

Wood Ganesha : Best gift for housewarming, home pujas or as a wedding gift. Wooden Ganesha blesses the house with success and long and happy life. Not just this it also gives a rural natural look to the house. Also, you can go eco-friendly.

Marble Ganesha: White Ganesha is usually made of marble and sometimes they are embellished with ornaments of other colours. White Ganesha brings prosperity, joy and well being. This is an all-rounder gift to show your love to someone. The white Ganesha makes the environment peaceful by the serene look.

Crystal Ganesha : Crystal Ganesha is attractive as a showpiece for its clear look but has other benefits too. It can remove Vastu dosh and channel positive energy.

Vermillion Ganesha: Vermillion is the symbol of the superiority of humans. This is the best gift if you are wishing for individual development and success. It can be a wise birthday gift or for a newborn child. The Vermillion Ganesha catches our eyes with a strong claim of presence.

Turmeric Ganesha : This is not an easy one to find. But it is the most auspicious Ganesha to gift for any occasion as it brings happiness, success and removes all obstacles and brings good health.


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