Exterior Decoration Idea for Your Home

Our heads have always nodded in agreement when someone has said that home is where the heart is. It is still nodding a yes! Home is not just what is inside, but also a little bit of what is outside. Don’t you agree too? Here we are with an array of ideas just for you to experiment your heart out with.


Pots and vases have been the vessels of beauty and good vibes for centuries. Every civilisation has had this object of grace etched in its history. With a dash of colour, a flurry of ethnic and contemporary designs and a shape that would bring out the best in any place that you keep it in, pots and vases are a sure shot beauty booster in your house. Put one on the garden table, two outside your door, three in the yard or four on your porch, it’s never truly going to be enough. With a whirlwind of the fragrance of the flowers inside them, your home is going to bloom a little more!


If you were thinking that bowls were too mainstream, just wait till we tell you about our flower-shaped beauty. With those smooth curves of the petals, a soft glow of the white marble and the subtlety of the design, the flower bowl comes with those extra points for your exterior decoration. Options, you ask? Spread inside it some sweet-smelling potpourri, let some petals float in water or just keep some nice origami swans in it. Our ideas won’t quite stop here. Do you think you have more? Then, this is the thing to have outside your house! Try your hand at something creative with this urli bowl.


Darbaans come from Indian history during the times of royalty, power and service. Gatekeepers and protectors of the realms, Darbaans have always been alert and on their toes, their senses tingling way ahead of any approaching trouble. Since the Darbaans have always been the guardians, who better than them to add to the glow of the main entrance of your house? Miniature men of art, these Darbaans are quite a handful to miss out on. A traditional feel to their outlook, it’s nothing but perfection that would be standing outside your house, looking out for you!


Traditions call for masks as evil warders, and we believe that they watch over you, silently protecting your surroundings and keeping your bubble safe and sound. Inspired by tribal art, ethnic manoeuvres and contemporary pieces of ideas, our masks make it increasingly easy for anyone to be in awe of them and impart nothing but good energies in the places that they are kept in. Still, thinking if it’s cool enough? Well, yes! Just head over to the collections and catch a glimpse of what the exterior of your house might look like with these marvellous beauties hanging outside!


Wall hangings have not only been harbingers of positivity and waves of tranquillity over the centuries, but their presence has known to be insanely blissful. Wind chimes with their melodious tinkles, dream catchers with their good old vibrant colours and traditional hangings with their bright lively designs are a sure shot to the heart. Your exteriors will have never been more spirited before these. Next time you welcome your guests, let them find their hearts swaying to the sweet tunes of the chimes and dancing with the hues of life with our Latkans!


What if we told you that flowers are forever too, just like diamonds? It is true! Our collection of artificial flowers are nothing less than the original. With their softly luminous colours, they will bring spring to your life as well as to your exteriors. Worried that you might miss those soft hues in your garden in the winters? Not anymore! Spring is here to stay all year round and make you spend more time in your gardens and verandas throughout the year. We say, grab some patio chairs, sit back with a cuppa and enjoy the beauty of nature’s marvels from us!


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