Shopping is fun! Isn’t it? Shopping is exciting when it is rewarding too. To make your experience more exciting, we have introduced a super duper rewarding program ‘ApkaMart Big Bucks Club’. It makes you earn ‘coins’ while you shop. And ‘Coins’ are worth money and can be redeemed as per ongoing offers.

The baseline is simple - The more you shop and more you get, the more you get, more rewards will find a way to your home.

 All these benefits come to you at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

How it Works

We have put in our best efforts to make it as simple as it can get.

  • You earn 1 ‘Coin’ for every 1 Rupee that you spend on our website. For example: If you spend Rs. 1000 on ApkaMart you will get 1000 coins in your account.
  • And ’Coins’ are worth the money. You can redeem them as per ongoing offers on the website, which can be cash back, a freebie or a special discount. Offers can change from time to time, but yes it will be good enough to make you feel special.
  • Moreover, you get multiple options to earn more coins and so you become eligible for more exciting offers.
  • ‘Unity is Strength’ and is applicable to ‘Coins’ too. The more you collect them, the more exciting offer gets.


Redemption :

  • When you visit the website, you can see a tab of ‘Big Bucks Club’ on the bottom left corner. Once you click on it, a pop up will show up. You can sign up as a member to become eligible for the club membership.
  • Please note – Sign Up is rewarding too!
  • Pop up contains two tabs – ‘Redeem’ & ‘Earn’. On the ‘Earn’ tab, you get multiple options to earn ‘Coins’. While on ‘Redeem’ tab, you can redeem your ‘Coins’ against ongoing offers.
  • Once you ‘Redeem’ your coins the offer gets activated and a discount code will be generated and can be applied to the final checkout screen.
  • If not applied, the coupon will remain visible on your personal login.
  • At any point in time, you can avail one offer, as only one discount code can be applied at the checkout
  • But, you can collect redeemed coupons for future purchase.

Earning Coins :

  • You can earn ‘Coins’ by making a purchase, signing up with us, liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter & Instagram, sharing an offer on your facebook/twitter account, completion of the profile, on your birthday, etc. These offers change from time to time and are visible on ‘Earn’ tab.
  • You also earn ‘Coins’ at the time of ongoing discounts and ‘Coins’ will be added to your login.
  • ‘Coins’ cannot be earned on Shipping Charges (if any).


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