5 traditional and stunning wall decor options for this monsoon

The walls of our houses often get overlooked when we plan for interior décor. All they get is a nice coat of paint, and if the homeowner is thoughtful enough, maybe a couple of wall hangings. But walls can be a very important element of home décor. They have the potential to turn around the look of any room and completely transform the indoor ambience. With monsoon knocking on our doors, it’s time to pump up your room décor game and bring some brightness to your walls as well.

Here are 10 unique wall décor ideas which you can experiment with.

1.Vintage Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are essential elements of a living room or dining hall, and they are the most common type of wall décor that houses have. You can go offbeat with your choice of wall clock by swapping out your mundane piece with something vintage. Railway clocks are a subtle reminder of a prestigious time bygone and brings a touch of antiquity to your room. You can keep it in your work from home space to keep an eye of the ticking of time as you delve into the new normal way of taking forward your career.

2. Jharokhas

Notice the Jharokha woodwork in the picture above and imagine a similar handiwork in your living room – magnificent, right? Jharokhas are a part of native architecture in Rajasthan. They are slightly overhanging enclosed balconies that look like windows from the outside. You can bring home the essence of old Rajasthani forts and palaces by putting up a miniature version Jharokha as a wall accent in your room. You can set it up around a small peephole type window or a favourite picture of your family.

3. Sword and shield décor

If traditional and ethnic décor is more up your alley then something unique like this sword and shield set will be perfect for you. They are a vivid remembrance of the history of our country where promises were made and broken over the blade of a sword and by the slant of a shield. A set of dhal-tarwal will make a great wall accessory and reflect your interest in the glories of the past.

4. Traditional masks

Tribal masks are an unconventional idea for wall hanging – but one that would look spectacular if done right. In case you do not know, this beautiful piece above is a down to the detail replica or traditional masks worn during Kathakali dance performances. If you are not a patron of art or music, you can go with exclusive African masks which show off excellent handiwork and bring a pop of colour to your walls.

5. Quirky Wall Hanging

Traditional does not mean you have to compromise with the quirk inside you. If you are someone who loves uncommon décor in your room, find yourself something different like this set of ten colorful umbrellas welded together as a single wall hanging. The idea is contemporary, but the design and color palette is traditionally Indian. In case you do not have a big wall space for something big, you can also go with smaller and sleeker handmade décor like charms and wall votive holders. Metallic ones like silver and bronze would look great against darker wall paints, while wood wall décor is best displayed against lighter and pastel shades.

There are a dozen other ways to accessorize your walls if you have the eyes for it. Vintage paintings, posters, tapestries, dream catchers, LED wall décor, and many more options are there for you to explore and experiment with. But whatever you pick up for your home, make sure to champion the cause of for Local and invest in Made in India products. Locally sourced and handmade wall décor from the rustic workshops and studios of semi-urban and rural Indian artisans will bring you more charm and artistic excellence than mass-produced products ever can.


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