10 Ideas to Decorate a Boring Wall

Living in a clean space with a bright and joyful home décor that warms the heart, is a dream everyone dreams of. Often when we are decorating our homes, we only focus on buying and placing the perfect set of furniture and decorations. In the process, the empty and plain wall in your living area does not get much attention. It is surprising how a small change or a minute addition to a plain wall impacts the entire décor of your apartment or house. Here is some online home decor that you can incorporate in your décor which will enhance the overall look of your living area:


Jharokhas are traditionally overhanging balcony often found in the Rajasthani architecture. Jharokhas are associated with royalty as the structure is typically found in forts of Rajasthan. The Jharokha wall décor is a window style wall décor which is a smaller replica of the huge Rajasthani balcony with intricate floral patterns. Jharokhas are built by skilled artisans by carving in traditional and delicate patterns on a large wooden piece. The Jharokha wall decors are usually light-weighted and can be mounted on the wall with ease. It is a great way to bring in the traditional Indian element into your house. The best thing about Jharokhas is that they can cover a good amount of the wall area and they have heavy detailed designs on them which facilitates smart utilisation of space. If you have a small living area and there is a wall that needs some stylisation, mounting a Jharokha is the minimalistic and artistic solution to the problem.


When we consider customising a new empty wall with wall décor, we usually focus on the cosmetic aspect of the same. We rarely think about combining utility and décor. Wall décor with LED is not only a great designer wall decoration but it also helps you light up your living room during the night time. Usually depicting religious figures or design motives, these wall decors do not take up much space. Therefore, it is perfect for people living in an apartment or a small house. Such wall decors also help the family members by enhancing their mood and helping them de-stress after a long day at work. The best thing about such wall decors is that it can be a wall décor for the entire day and become a light source later at night time. Be it the bedroom or the living room, such wall décor is perfect for any interior home decor.


3) Traditional wall hanging

India is home to many cultures and art forms. From the various part of India comes different styles of handicrafts and artworks such as wall hangings that can enhance the appearance of your home with the bright and vibrant colours they usually come in. Choosing the right kind of wall hanging for the available space is vital for the overall theme of your household. The best thing about wall hangings is that they are elegant and compact in size. The traditional element of the wall hangings can add a perfect, subtle desi Indian touch to the otherwise modern home decors. Traditional wall hangings have a distinct art style and theme that is inspired by the Rajasthani and Gujarati art form. Wall hanging decorations are also perfect for smaller apartments and houses as wall hangings do not take up too much space.


4) Masks


Masks bear a great significance in the history of mankind. What may have started as a way to conceal the identity, played a significant role in the religious and social gatherings and rituals practiced by humans many years back. But that was then and in the present time, masks have become a prominent wall décor found in many houses and apartments. Traditional mask usually comes in bright colours and have tribal patterns that are unique. When it comes to decorating a plain and simple wall, placing an array of the traditional and tribal mask is a smart way when it comes to utilising space. It not only helps you save space but also the heavy patterns and the bright colours are usually the only décor you need for that particular space. Hence, it saves you from introducing all the necessary clutters to your living space.


5) Religious Hanging

India is a diverse country with a myriad of cultural symbolism and traditions. However, one thing that is true for most Indian families is the religious and spiritual nature. No Indian home is complete without religious ceremonies and poojas and often the spirituality is reflected on the decorations like wall hangings. Religious wall hangings are a great way to cover up an empty wall space and at the same time, they can be used for worship. Religious wall hangings are the ideal solution for small apartments or houses where the living space does not allow the idea of having a separate deity room and they also enhance the aesthetic of the house.


6) Wall Temple

Modern apartments and houses are not known to be spacious and they rarely come with an extra deity room or a pooja room to perform different pooja rituals and customs. In such cases, an empty wall area can be utilized for the same purpose. Mounting a temple wall décor will not only add to the traditional Indian aesthetic but they are also fully functional when it comes to performing the daily routine of lighting the lamps and worshipping the deities. When we talk about functions and aesthetics, this is the best way to utilize space as the temple is the centerpiece of any Indian household. Temples also come in intricate traditional design details that are sometimes painted in bright colours which match perfectly with the traditional Indian home décor.


7) Wall Bracket


Wall brackets are small shelves for keeping essentials and decorative pieces like figurines and vases. It is a smart way to utilise space and decorate your living area with all your favourite knick-knacks. The wall bracket is not just a utility that helps you save space and display different decorative, but the wall bracket itself plays an important part in deciding the aesthetic of your living room. Traditional wall brackets come in bright colours and patterns that are perfect for incorporating traditional desi Indian to the modern home décor. Most traditional wall brackets are made out of wood and are carved to form intricate patterns and designs, inspired by the traditional Indian art forms, that are perfect for any household.


8) Key holder

A key holder is an item that is often found near the doorway, typically the main entrance to an apartment or a house. It is not just a piece that can be used to decorate your living area but it is also a necessity that all organised household needs to have. With the help of a key holder, one can keep all their keys securely in one place and it also helps them not forget them while leaving their homes for their daily commute. Since they take up some amount of the wall space near the door, getting a key holder that matches the theme of your household can be a clever way to utilise the large empty wall area near the entranceway. As tiny as a key holder may be in size but the impact it has on the overall aesthetics of your household is great.



9) Hanging Votives

When we think about lighting, we rarely consider natural candles and tea lights. The natural glow of a candle is the perfect way to lit up your living space as it has a warm and welcoming aura about them. Not only do candles help in lighting up your living room, but candles also come in various fragrances that can enhance the mood of your family members. Fragrant candles play an integral part in our busy modern life as a stress-reliever. Votive holders are usually very decorative pieces where you can place a candle or a tea light. Hanging votives are truly a unique way of utilising the space and they also serve the purpose of lighting up your home. Votives come in various shapes and sizes but votives when lit usually casts a spectacular shadow pattern, which has a great effect on the living room interior design.

10) Lamps and Lanterns


Light plays a huge part in our daily lives, as doing anything without light will be much difficult and challenging for us. But the lamp also plays a huge part when it comes to decorating your house. Having the correct kind of lamps and lighting will not only make your house look spacious and beautiful but also it has a direct impact on the moods of your family members. Lamps come in different shapes and sizes and they also have various design styles from modern to traditional. Choosing the right kind of lamp for the area of the wall you have is the key to a well-decorated living space. Even when the lamp is not lit, the design, the style and the placement still have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of your home decor. Placing a designer and theme-specific lamp is a clever way of decorating your home as it will save you from unnecessary clutters and help you brighten the living space.

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