WEDDING RETURN GIFTS Ideas That Your Guests Will Remember Long After Your Wedding Is Over!

Marriages are a soulful union of two people and their families. There is nothing more vibrant and cheerful than an enormous Indian wedding with lots of music, sweets, lights, decorations and most vital, gifts. Celebrating every ritual, custom & tradition in Indian marriages to declaring a food mania, everybody wants it all. Now that all the wedding shopping is completed, its’s time to shop for all the return gifts for the guests. 

Now the real confusion begins right? Allow us to solve some of your problems. So, here go some ideas for return gifts that are absolute to be a giant hit among your guests.  

1. Candles and Candle Holders

Perfumed candles are a great option as a wedding return gift. They serve both a useful and decorative purpose.

Further, scented candles come with their subtle aroma, their candles attempt to evoke memories and rekindle the senses - adding more than just a flicker to life.  Popular fragrances are rose and lavender. They give the impression of being delicate and chic. They can be easily packed. They are also easy to install and be enjoyed by the guests.

You can gift these with candle holders as well. Candle holders are really very chic and elegant. There are a lot of designs to decide on from.



2. Crockery or Cutlery

Return gifts for the wedding have taken up a very creative turn. Couples today want to gift their guests with some useful gifts that may be in their memories for a lifetime. If you wish to gift something useful and special to your guests then a set of dinner plates, Trays or Tray set, set of glassware, a designer set of spoons etc. Designer glasses with elegant designs and intricate detailing are a wise choice for a wedding return gift. You can also go for mugs. They’re very useful, get a hand on some quirky designs. A wonderful selection in every way and with such a thoughtful gesture it might make your guests happy all the more. This can also be selected as a couple of wedding gift.

3. Decorative Boxes or Jewellery Boxes

Nothing more ethnic than jewellery and but we’re not telling you to gift them jewellery, gift them jewellery cases. Artefacts are beautifully crafted handmade items that make the perfect wedding return gifts. These beautiful looking jewellery boxes make an ideal gift for culture-lovers! Artefacts can be easily bought at exhibitions and from vendors.

You can go for simple and vibrant cane boxes or carved wooden ones. These boxes are multipurpose and will make dressing table look really organized and attractive. That’s what makes them a perfect choice. Contact a handicraft association, and they will be able to get you a list of items that you can give as your wedding return gift.

4. Gift Vouchers

If you still cannot think of the perfect return gifts, the simplest way is to buy a gift voucher of a suitable amount of a store that you both like. Your guests can go to those stores and choose whatever they wish to purchase redeeming the gift vouchers. Planning your wedding successfully is less complicated than you think.

5. Personalized Return Gifts

Personalized gifts are a wider term and have plenty of options to settle on from. Your personalized gifts can be customized chocolates, wall hangings, room decorative items, desk clocks and much more and a thank you notes on them, biding a thankful goodbye to your guests for their presence in the wedding.

Return gifts are nothing but just another way to say “Thank You” to your guests. Make them happy and honored at the same time by reciprocating their gestures as pretty return gifts. Choose whatever suits your budget. These were some best wedding return gift ideas that you simply could use to gift a wedding return gift to your guests.


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