Set of Dhal Talwar: From the Battlefield into your Homes!!

Set of Dhal Talwar: From the Battlefield into your Homes!!

Shield and sword also knew as Dhal Talvar symbolize courage, bravery, and knighthood. Once considered an important battle weapon, sword and shield have made its place in the modern living room as a popular decorative piece.

Dhal Talwar has a vast and very long history. In India practicing swordsmanship was common among Kshatriyas and was part of their Gurukul Shiksha. Sword was a symbol of respect and status. Warrior class used to take an oath by touching their swords.

According to history, this bladed weapon which originated from dagger evolved in 1600 BC. It was designed to cut and stab. From straight to curve and from single edge to double edge swords evolved according to time, need an army.

Swords like Talvar, kukri, khana, Pata, and firangi were mostly used in India. Talvar introduced by Mughals was a single edge weapon, curved and designed to attack and thrust.

Sword making is an ancient technology in itself. Generally, a sword has two main parts, first is the blade and other is the hilt. A blade needs to be hard as well as flexible at the same time. Hardness is required for attacking the enemy and flexibility is required to absorb attacks.

Materials used to make swords changed from bronze to copper to iron and finally steel. Most of the modern swords are made of either steel or some kind of steel alloy. Shield the most trusted companion of the sword is a personal armor. The shield is used to preventing attacks from weapons like arrows and blades like swords. According to time, place and need of the war size of shields vary from small shields which cover some part of a human body to big shields which can cover even a horse.

First used during the Bronze Age shields were made of material like wood, leather, bark, metal, and leather covered wood. The shape of this offensive weapon varied from round, oval, rectangular and triangular. War logos were embossed or engraved on these shields and decoration was done for recognition purpose.


Dhal Talwar together makes a classic pairing. Dhal with two crossed Talwars is quite a famous logo and a very popular wall hanging. An interesting fact here is, the placement of the award with the dhal gives different messages. If the Talvars are placed with their tip pointing upwards the message is 'ready to fight' and if the tips point downward the message is ' war is over'.

This duo is a stunning display of royalty and comes in different shapes and sizes. Various sizes are available and you can. Starting from 8 inches the height of the dhals can go up to 2 to 3 feet. They also come in different shapes like round, oval and triangular with different designs such as lion's mouth carved in center or clock inserted in center. You can go online browse through the entire collection and choose one that blends in with your home décor.

These dhal Talwar sets are carved out of a variety of materials

Brass Dhal Talwar: Brass gives these wall hangings a magnificent look. Being a little expensive do spend some time in choosing the most suitable piece for your wall décor.

Gunmetal Dhal Talvar: Beautifully craved edges and glorious centre made out of gunmetal give these wall hangings a real look. Purchase two sets of dhal Talwar together to give a vintage look to your wall décor. These sets are easy to maintain, simply wipe them clean with a dry cloth.

These sets are very popular online. Simply type in dhal Talwar’ in the search bar to browse through the entire range.

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