Our Five in One Father!

Fathers are those beacons of light which make our life better and more worthy of living. From the moment a man becomes a father, he not only becomes a different human but, he becomes a version of his child to make their journey with them. Matching with your baby steps to matching with your graduation pose, he walks all the way without flinching for once. So, why don’t we take a small trip to understand how talented our dads truly are!

  • The Role Model - He truly is Superman!

Remember all those times when you needed to be rescued from falling off the cliff and when you looked around, your father was there standing with a harness? That’s what our dads have always done for us. He has flown in with his cape flying behind him like Superman to not let any bad thing every touch us. Be it a bad situation, a troubling life decision or judging if a person is right for us – he has always taught the correct thing. He has left his shoes for us to eventually grow into them and learn from his mistakes and experiences. No wonder, he lets us venture into the wild sometimes and stops us from falling into traps at another. A father is always the first role model that we ever look up to. He is the umbrella that shields us from the treacherous weathers and storms while also teaching us to be strong enough to face those storms ourselves someday. So, the next time you see your dad swooping down from the sky to give you a hand, hold it or hang onto his cape as he takes you for a journey full of learning and understanding through this life. 

  • The Disciplinarian - Better not lie to him for he already knows!

We are quite sure that your dad must have chased you through the house with a newspaper in his hand some time in life while trying to teach a valuable lesson to you. He must have also made sure that you never forgot that lesson ever again. We look back upon those memories fondly now, a smile on our faces and waves of love flowing in our hearts. It truly was fun and also a bit scary to run away from him for he always caught us. There have been so many times when we tried to convince him that we hadn’t taken the money from his wallet or bunked our classes. But, he is the father after all and, not the other way around. He had always seen the truth in our eyes yet he had let us go so many times. It’s all because of how much he has always loved us as little parts of him. Fathers are the disciplinarians who give us a pat on the back when we do the right and don’t hesitate to raise an eyebrow when we rebel too much. That is what makes them a balanced individual in our lives, teaching us resilience and strength just by being his true self. 

  • The Teacher - He really knows rocket science better than you!

Trust us when we say that he knows everything better than you for, at some point in his life, he was a kid too. He knows even you better than yourself. All the times when you think that he doesn’t really understand, he really does! From the day he first held the tiny you in his hands, he knew that his life had changed, that he had a journey to undertake now, to make you grow into the beautiful human that you are today. From teaching you to take your very first steps on the ground to press the accelerator in the car a little harder on your first driving lesson, he has also grown with you. The first teacher who teaches you how to live is your father. The first person to know you inside out is your father. He takes in all his life learning, his own lessons, his own achievements and mixes them together to curate your lessons with all his love and devotion for you. So, the next time when you feel that you need guidance in your life, go to your dad for he is always there to look out for the apple of his eyes – you!

  • The Support - He is the emotional & financial ATM!

A father’s support is inevitable in the growth of his children. He not only pays for all those toys that you broke in your childhood but, he also pays for all the things that have moulded you as a person. It is not just money we talk about here. We talk about the emotional investment that he has put into you always. All the times, you had to endure failure, he endured it with you. All the times you felt that there was no way out, he dug the way out for you. Even in the darkness, he has always managed to keep his support to shine the path that you walked on. He is not only a support system but an ATM of it – you can go to him at any time of the day and seek his help. You know what is the best part? He will always be there to hold your hand and lead you ahead. He is the engine to the mechanism that we all run on and without him, there would have been no progression. So, we appreciate all the fathers who have supported their children without hesitation and still continue to do so!

  • The Friend - After all, he taught you how to clink the glass!

Remember that one time when the heartbreak was a little too bad and he had finally sat beside you while he handed you a glass and told you not to worry? “You’re an independent woman who can win her own world all by herself,” he had said to his daughter and “You’re a strong man capable of getting over his failures and winning it all,” he had said to his son. And, even if you never told him about your feelings and emotions, his radar had always picked up those hidden bits about you. Our fathers are our first buddies in life. They crack dad jokes, ask for your help to take a screenshot even after you have explained it to them about a hundred times and makes sure that you are mentally healthy and stable apart from everything. What do we call them if not for friends? It is your father who has always come forward to shield you from your mother’s scolding, taken you off on a random bike trip in the evening without telling anyone and probably bought you an ice cream just to see that smile on your face. We thank all the fathers in this world for always being the shoulder that we need, for they are our friends indeed!

These were just a few sides of all that our fathers are actually capable of. It would take longer than an eternity to reach the end of the line where appreciation stops. They are truly a blessing for every child. So, we wish all the father’s a happy experience with their children for their constant love and support and hope that each day is like Father’s Day for them!

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