How to make your work-from-home space better for productivity

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading like a wildfire all across the country, almost everyone had to make changes in our lifestyles. One of the biggest changes came in the form of our workspaces. The offices had to close down due to the lockdown and we had to settle with working from home. Getting to work from your residence in home clothes and not having to commute sounds like a perfect dream come true. But we often underestimate the role the work environment plays in our efficiency and productivity. It is harder to yield the results of an organized office desk from the beds and couches at home. So what can you do? Invest in a better work from home space, obviously.

The first step is to clean up a study desk and find a chair with good lumbar support to go with it. Next, choose the right desk accessories to make your workspace that will add to the aesthetic, soothe your eyes and mind, and also be useful for your working process. Here are some table decors that you can use to keep on your desk. 

  1. Desk clocks

This one is a no-brainer – you obviously need a clock on your desk. But why settle for something generic when you can have something with more grandeur? If you love old-school and vintage style, this models like this exquisite maritime desk clock is the perfect choice for you. If you are into more sleek and contemporary styles, there are many available with minimal designs. Digital table clocks are a way to go as well, if you want to have features like temperature, stopwatch, alarm clock, etc.

  1. Mobile stands

We use mobiles all the time for our work as well as leisure, and even more so with the work from home situation. Whether you need to refer to a spreadsheet saved on your mobile phone for work or want to take a snacks break and stream some videos online, a mobile stand will make that easier for you. You can invest in some quirky hand made mobile holder like these to go sustainable and unique with your table decor.

  1. Pen holders

This one is a no-brainer once again. If you have a desk, you need to have a pen holder on there. Although we do most of our writing digitally today, and therefore do not have much need for pen and paper. But there is almost no alternative to a small notepad and a couple of pens for quick jotting down. Something simple yet gorgeous like this traditional pen stand is useful as well as adds to the ethnic décor charm of your workspace.

  1. Small pot plants

Who doesn’t need a bit of greenery in their surroundings? The colour green helps freshen the mind and allows you to focus better on the job at hand. It is also a great addition to the subtle décor of your work desk. You can pick real and natural plants like terrarium, devil’s ivy, peace lily, miniature succulents, orchids, bonsai, or bamboo arrangements. If you do not want to go into the trouble of watering and maintaining the plant, then go with something artificial and long-lasting. The only maintenance it will take is an occasional dusting.


  1. Colourful coasters

A lot of people like sipping on something hot or cold while working. For some it is piping hot tea or freshly brewed coffee, for others it could be some rejuvenating fruit juice. Either way, you do not want the ring marks from your cup, mug, or glass to ruin the desk. Use a set of tea or coffee coasters to save your desk surface and also add a pop of colour to your surroundings. Choose handmade coaster like the one above to champion traditional art and locally sourced products.

There are many other ways to jazz up the aesthetic of your work from home space. You can add plush cushions if you are working from a couch. You can play around with the lighting of the area or throw a funky table cloth over the desk. Whatever you do, try to be conscious with your choices. Be vocal for local and invest in the handiworks of local artisans over exotic foreign brands. You will be helping your economy as well as get authentic and sustainable products at your sweet home.


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