Five Accessories Every Bookworm Must Own


Page after page after page, full of words that are capable of transporting us into infinite dimensions. Stories and fables and tales that give us a ticket to a whole new world of imagination. From exploring the adventures of superheroes to solving mysterious crimes ingeniously to travelling alongside witches and wizards, the magic of words take us on a beautiful ride every time, everywhere.

 And when these books give us a lifetime’s worth of happiness, why not give a little something in return? Your books deserve a little care and love, don’t you think? Here are a few ideas you can use to revamp your bookshelf (and your life).


  1. Bookends

Bookends are a wonderful way to add some aesthetic to your otherwise scattered bookshelf. They keep your books stuck together so you never have to fear for your babies tumbling down the bookshelf, ever again. What’s more, these are a blessing for those book lovers who can never bother to arrange their books in a disciplined fashion, who believe and rejoice in messiness. And for the religiously neat, bookends add an extra touch of satisfaction to the eyes. You could find the time and creativity to make your own bookends, or pick a few from the infamous internet we have at our fingertips. It works both as a gift or a personal purchase!



 The world of bookworms is divided into two- those who use bookmarks, and dog-earing monsters. Optimistically considering that you don’t fall into the latter category, bookmarks are a wonderful accessory for your books. To some, and by some I mean most, folding the corner of a page to mark where you’ve reached in a novel is a heinous crime. (If it isn’t, it should be) Why would any book lover tarnish their beloved possession by folding even a tiny corner of a page? This is why bookmarks were invented! This little accessory is the easiest DIY in the world. You could customise your bookmarks based on the book you’re on! Or you could simply choose from thousands of little bookmarks available online.

What I’m saying is, invest some time and money is this wondrous little piece of creativity and save your books from crooked edges.



  1. Teacups and Mugs


 Are you one of those nerds who like to cherish a book with a cup of tea that makes it just so much better? Or are you the night owl that finds peace in reading a book in the silence of the night and needs a cuppa to keep yourself up and about? Or maybe you know someone I just described. Literature-based teacups and mugs are the best buys for such beverage lovers. Imagine turning a page and rushing to the next, taking a sip of coffee in the middle, and holding up the mug to see a grammar joke or just a simple bunch of meaningful words written on it. Won’t that count as absolutely delightful? Everything you love, tea and coffee and words, assembled together in a single masterpiece. Need I convince you further?



  1. Candles


 There are some that would say you are not a true book lover unless you love the scent of its pages. (And I must say, I agree to some level) Picture this: You visit your favourite bookstore, pick out the latest book you’ve been waiting for, open a random page and inhale the fresh scent of new prints on sharp, crisp pages. Or this: You visit your nearby library, choose your favourite novel from the dusty old collection, hold open your favourite part of the book and bury your nose in the familiar whiff of old, musty pages. Did I just describe a true book lover’s heaven?

If you do indeed think so, book-scented candles are the best thing you can invest in. Light one up when you feel nostalgic about your first book or remember all your beloved authors, and feel yourself float into new, undiscovered galaxies of imagination.


5. Phone Case

 If you’re gonna do it, do it all the way. Continue along the path of turning into a model case of book obsession with phone cases that look like books. Intriguing, isn’t it? You pick up your phone 200,000 times a day. Now imagine looking at a classic old book cover every time you use your phone. These phone cases reaffirm everyone’s (and your own) beliefs that you definitely are a book nerd through and through. You can customise your case with the visuals from your favourite novel! Or maybe a quote from the same? Or perhaps a velvety, solid phone case that opens up just like a book? The possibilities are endless with this one. Wouldn’t you absolutely love to pick up your phone that carries the Hogwarts emblem or the map of Middle Earth or the Targaryen flag with the three dragons? I know I would.

Aren’t these accessories simply marvellous for a reading enthusiast? Along with these, there are many such tidbits that you can enjoy such as book lockets, Kindle covers, paperweights, your favourite fandom merchandise like Hermione’s Time-Turner or Hand of the King brooches, duvets designed like pages, a keyring with a trinket of your choicest novel, and so, so much more.


A little creativity and a dollop of time and you could have every book lover’s dream all in your personal library. Because we all deserve one, don’t we?

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