Best Balcony decoration ideas

Turn your small balcony into your space of refuge from the daily humdrum of life. The ApkaMart team brings you awesome easy ideas to spruce up your small balcony to fit your modern busy lifestyle. Lack of outdoor space and time is turning our society into a dead life. Your balcony can be an inbuilt outdoor space in your own house for you to find peace and solace. Here are some balcony decoration ideas to engage you in this long lockdown.

Space Saving Balcony Furniture Ideas

Small balconies need clever space managing interior designing. Try to use folding furniture that can be folded and tucked away whenever you need to free the space. Try to keep the front of the balcony free of furniture so you don’t block the air.

Multipurpose table: Use a small easily movable table preferably wooden or metal for the balcony that can be turned into your small dining table anytime. Now you can have a candlelight dinner on your balcony or have an open-air breakfast space.

Get a swing cum chair: There is nothing better than a cosy swing in the balcony to sit and chill or read a book. It's an easy way to keep your kids at home too.

Make It Cozy: Throw in some floor pillows and outdoor rugs to make it look cosier.

Decoration Ideas

Dim the light: Spruce up your balcony with beautiful lampshades that dim the light. A dim light won't only attract fewer insects and allow you some privacy in the open balcony, it will also set a romantic and exotic mood.

Add wall shelves: Great idea to save space and do more on your balcony. You can place small indoor plants or flower vases in them to make your balcony a green paradise. Or place showpieces to add more aesthetic appeal.

Use wall decoration: Using wall paintings and wall hangings are the best ideas to decorate your apartment balcony. You can keep them at the eye level to grab more attention. They are easy to clean and take up no space at all and no worries of breaking them. They keep your balcony clutter-free to make it look more spacious.

Get Your Private Balcony

As much as we like open spaces, we also want our privacy in it. Add blinds that block the view from outside but allow air and light into your balcony. Blinds also help you keep the heat out in summer and the rain out in the rainy season. You can use light curtains instead of blinds in summer to make it more beautiful. Get a handmade bamboo blind for the best feel.

Go Green

Balcony gardening is a great idea both for your mental and physical health. While you can have a collection of your favourite flowers you can also turn it into your mini kitchen garden. You can hand pots outside the balcony or use hooks and hang them from the ceiling to save space. Have shelves added to your wall to place small pots or go for a wall garden. Get a yoga mat and you can turn your balcony into your green yoga space too. The green adds calmness to your balcony and can be your space for meditation.

Spruce your balcony with the season

Summers: Summers can come with a mixed feeling of wanting a green space and fear of the heat. Turn your balcony into your private green shade. Add blinds or curtains to block the sun rays but allow some air and light to come in. This is the time in which you can keep your balcony perfectly cosy with cushions, pillows and rugs. And a cot for you to enjoy the intoxicating heat and fall asleep. Also, it is safe to keep your collection of home decor on display in the balcony. 

Rainy season: This is a good time for your balcony gardening ideas. Keep your home decors away and make your balcony greener. Have a table and some cosy chairs for you to enjoy the sound of the rain with your cup of tea and a book. Add blinds to keep out the rain and feel the chill. 

Winter: Keep it cosy and warm. Throw in some blankets and pillows for your balcony chair. Keep the floor warm with a floor rug. Enjoy the candlelight dinners in your own house.

Other: Do we need more balcony ideas for spring and autumn? They are the best seasons to do anything with your balcony. Hand light curtains and do all you want in your balcony.

 Your balcony can be your best hanging out space in the quarantine. Stay home and find out more home decor ideas and products with us to make your home your favorite place.


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