Appreciating the Ladies in Your Life

A gentle heart; a strong body; a will to achieve goals; an organised pioneer; a balanced soul – you guessed it right, these are just the beginning of how we describe women. A part of this nature, so pure and so bold, she is a fighter and a forgiver. So, on this Women’s Day, let us take a trip through the beautiful roles that they play in all our lives and how our bits of efforts can keep that gorgeous smile on their faces.

  • Mother

You will say that you relish the hot parathas that your mum makes when you feel down and out, isn’t that right? So, when you catch her taking the wrath of the gas stove just to see that look of bliss on your face after you taste her food, just silently lay the table without telling her. When she comes out of the kitchen, just say ta-da and surprise her with your little efforts. Stay a step ahead of her so that her complaints turn into gasps when she sees your bed clean, sheets folded, cupboard sorted and your nose clean!

  • Wife

You that she wears that one particular shade of lipstick just because you like it. All we want to plant in your head is the idea to give her a chance to leave a mark of that same lipstick on a beautiful ceramic cup from which she drinks the tea that you made her all by yourself. Sounds enticing, isn’t it? A loyal partner, a friend for life and an equal, she is none other than your pillar of strength so, to keep her strength going on, we definitely say that breakfast in bed is our favourite option. Trust us when we say this that no wife has ever said no to it!

  • Daughter

This is that same girl you saw taking her first steps before she fell down and cried again, and this is the same girl who you will have seen taking her first step towards success with pride. She will always look up to you, learn from you and take to your habits. So when she wants to talk, lend her an ear; when she wants to make a decision, just let her; when she wants motivation, give her. She is the one that makes you calm, and at the end of it all, she is the one that makes you feel beautiful inside out for having her in your life.

  • Colleagues

You know that she sits at the opposite desk, gets coffee from the same machine, likes her salad on the left side of her plate and has blue stick notes on her table. But, do you know that she was the topper in her stream in school and that she had beaten her opponent with a clear margin of ten points in the college badminton competition? She has always been your contemporary from the day she stepped into the office, and we love the idea of working together and making great things happen!

  • Friend

Did she call you again with a problem last night? Did she tell you some of her secrets that she hasn’t shared with anyone else before? Take our word when we say that she trusts you like no one else. Sometimes, she fights her battles and stands strong even against the winds coming from the other side. We say, calm her mind and calm her soul. Sometimes, be a soft shoulder for her to lean on and when she wants to fist-bump you, don't miss that chance. Let her find peace in your friendship and safety in your company!

  • Maid

Alright, we all know that she switches off the fan every morning even when the summer is at its peak because she has to broom the room. But then we also think that because she does that, you wake up, your feet touch the floor, and it’s cool and clean. Every evening when you find the dishes sparkling, the tea ready, and the soft smell of dinner cooking in the kitchen, do share a bit of your happiness with her, for without her, our lives would really be a mess!

  • Sister

Admit it, you have pulled her hair at least once in her life. But now, when she wants to cut her hair short and make life-changing decisions for herself, be a support to her. Let her feel at home when she comes to you and asks, “Do you think this is right?”Jump with joy at her successes, cry with her at her failures but most important of all, always stand beside her and let her remember that she never stands alone!

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