7 Super Easy And Interesting DIY Home Decor Ideas

Decorating your home is not the easiest task there is, especially when there are hundreds of products you can choose from over the internet as well as the stores around you. You want your home to reflect your personal sense of style and mirror your personality in all the decor that you use in your home. So why not take off some time from your busy schedule and create decor items by yourself for your lovely home? It is not nearly as difficult as it sounds.

Here are a few DIY decor ideas you can use in your home and liven it up beautifully

1. Bottle Lamps


Bottle lamps are the latest fad in the home decor area of fashion, and you can see why. Not only are they attractive and make your home a brighter, more beautiful place to live in, they are also inexpensive. Here’s how you can make one in your home!



What You Need:

  • A wine or beer bottle
  • Fairy lights (one meter or so)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes

 What To Do:

Clean a wine or beer bottle thoroughly and dry it well. Use acrylic paints only, as they are waterproof, to paint any design of your choice on the bottle. This is your chance to explore your creativity!

Leave it to dry for 24 hours. Attach the fairy lights to a socket and put the rest of the cord inside the bottle. Place the bottle lamp in a dim room and watch how beautiful the designs look when illuminated!

2. Ice Cream Stick Frames


This is a very simple and very delightful home decor idea. You can make these frames easily and it takes no time at all! Make a montage of these frames with photographs of your loved ones for your walls and beautify your home in a jiffy!

 What You Need:

  • Ice cream sticks
  • Photographs in small sizes, preferably 4x4 inches
  • Sketch Pens
  • Card paper or cardboard
  • Glue
  • Ribbon

 What To Do:

Cut out a square of 4x4 inch size. Take ice cream sticks and carefully stick them on the card, using it as support. Once you have the desired size of the frame, stick your photograph on it and then go wild with the paints as you decorate it as per your choice! Attach a ribbon at the back of the frame to be able to hang it on a peg at the end. There you are, it is really that easy!

3. Rope Lamp


Take a look at this lamp and tell me who wouldn’t want it in their home? This DIY string rope lamp is a little time consuming to make, but once you are done with it, you will marvel at its beauty! Here’s how you can make this masterpiece at home.

What You Need:

  • A long length of thin string rope
  • Glue, preferably Fevicol or similar
  • A bulb
  • A balloon
  • A big paintbrush (size 10-12)
  • Soda can


What To Do:

Mix equal parts of glue and water together to make a smooth mixture. Blow up a balloon up to the size you want your lamp to be. Take a soda can and tape up the balloon on it, leaving some space at the mouth. Cut up a long piece of string rope and soak completely in the glue mixture, take it out immediately, strain some of the excess glue and start placing it on the balloon randomly. Wrap the entire balloon repeating the same procedure till you get something close to what you see in the image above. Leave it to dry for a day.

Once completely dry and rock hard, pop the balloon, and there you are, you have your rope lamp! Insert a bulb and attach it to the lamp. Hang it up anywhere in your home and watch how it beautifies the room immensely and instantly.


4. Ice Cream Stick Plant Holder


This beautiful plant holder can be made by you in a few easy steps, and it is nearly not as difficult as it looks! And the best part is, you can use this DIY stand to hold any showpiece you have in your home just as flawlessly. If you have a few hours, you can make this right now!


What You Need:

  • A sheet of paper
  • Lots of ice cream sticks, about 100-150
  • Strong glue
  • Paint (any color you desire, optional)


What To Do:

Draw a hexagon on a sheet of paper. Take 6 ice cream sticks and glue them together on the borders of the drawn hexagon, as shown in the image below.


Slowly, build up layer upon layer of ice cream sticks up to a minimum 15 to 20 layers. Make sure the glue you use is strong enough to hold medium weights.


Once ready, take off the paper and paint the plant holder in any color of your choice (rust gold or silver, and bronze colors look absolutely smashing). Leave it to dry for a few hours and your DIY plant holder is ready to use!


5. Fairy Lights Wall Photo Hanger


This DIY craft is so easy, you will wonder why you’ve waited this long to make it. It is perfect for one’s bedroom, but that’s totally upon you! How would you like to have a wall full of photos and lit in such a beautiful way that it brightens up your entire room? Learn how in these simple steps!


What You Need:

  • 4 meters fairy lights
  • Polaroid photos or regular small-sized photo prints
  • Few nails
  • Small pegs or stationery pins


What To Do:

Mark spots on your wall where you want the lights to pass through, on two sides of a wall. Hammer nails on those spots, and hang the lights on those nails in a criss-cross manner, as you see in the image above. Once this is done, clip on the photos to different spots on the fairy lights and voila! Your wall photo hanger is ready!



6. Sea Shell Picture Frame


If you are a beach lover, this picture frame made of shells will blow you away. And you can make this beautiful shell picture frame yourself! All you need is as many pretty looking shells as you can gather, or you can cheat and buy some fake ones at a store. Learn the steps here.


What You Need:

  • Seashells
  • Card Board
  • Glue
  • Scissors


What To Do:

Cut out a frame of the size you want from a strong, thick piece of cardboard. If you have something in wood, that works too. Glue the shells onto the frame, and be careful not to clutter it with too many at once. Once done, attach the picture you want to be framed behind the frame you just made, and there, your seashell picture frame is ready!


You can even experiment with stuff like sand, pebbles, and sticks of wood to make an even better masterpiece of a frame! Here are some ideas:



7. Fairy Lights Backlit Canvas


Fairy lights are a big decor hit this season and why shouldn’t they be? You can use these lights to liven up your room in so many different ways, it is almost unbelievable. This backlit canvas is one of these DIY decor ideas that you can make and decorate your home with. Here’s how.


What You Need:

  • Canvas
  • Fairy lights, 1 meter should suffice
  • Paint or Glitter
  • Glue


What To Do:

If you want to go the simplest way, just apply some glue on your canvas and generously sprinkle glitter on it, such that all the glue is covered with it.

If you really want to make an effort, paint something of your choosing on the canvas which would complement the lights. Silhouettes work best here, such as a tree or a night landscape painted in black and blue. Let it dry.

Poke small holes in the canvas where you want the lights to be. Put the fairy lights through those holes from behind the canvas, and attach it to the socket. Switch on the lights and witness pure magic in front of your eyes!






So, what are you waiting for? Don your creative hat and put on those art gloves to create some fabulous home decor masterpieces with your own hand, and watch how perfectly your crafts beautify your home!


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