6 things to Learn from Harry Potter

Harry Potter marked a phenomenal experience in all of our lives. It wasn't just a great movie franchise, it was a journey of us growing up with these characters and grasping the difficulties and the harsh truths of life. It was also more than just a young kid wizard growing up with his friends and fighting the evil guys. Here are 6 incidents where Harry and the whole Hogwarts squad taught us something valuable and unforgettable:

1. Looks can be deceiving

Nobody ever thought that Snape would turn out to be one of the good guys. He just didn't help Harry secretly but also saved his life on numerous occasions. And until the end, Madam Rowling made us believe that he was one of the bad guys.

2. You never turn your back on your duty

The first movie of the franchise that sealed us all as Harry Potter Fans had a little display of bravery when Neville Longbottom stood against Harry and crew from crossing the threshold even after being close friends with them, just because it was his duty. The courageous deed didn’t go in vain though as it got Gryffindor bonus points making them win the House Cup. He taught us all to never to turn our backs on our duties even if we face inconveniences and obstacles.

3. Strength comes from believing in yourself

In Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, Ron came under pressure after becoming the keeper of Gryffindor’s Quidditch team. He, later on, taught us how effective believing in something can be. It's important to believe in yourself more than someone else believing in you. Ron believed in himself unknowingly, thinking he was doing well because of drinking Harry's liquid luck when in reality that wasn't the case and he was a Champ on his own. He performed well just because he believed that he could do it and he eventually achieved his goal.

4. You never give up

 Harry showcased this lesson to a T when he killed himself to destroy the Horcrux and came back from the dead to kill Voldemort. He went through so much in the whole series but kept pushing towards success nonetheless. He taught us to never give up and push through all the hard times to attain our goals.

5. Friendship is significant

Harry went through major ups and downs throughout the whole series but he went through the most difficulties in the first book. Time after time and situation after situation, it was proved that Harry survived majorly because of the help from his friends even after being the "Chosen One".  Friends are that branch of the tree that we can hold onto in even the worst of the storms and they will never let us fall over.

6. Only you can fuel the fear within

In the whole series, Voldemort has been referred to as "the one who shall not be named”. Dumbledore taught us that only we can increase the fear of anything by mulling over it. We shouldn't be afraid of anything, the more normal we are about it, the more we hold the chances of winning from it. 

There are so many times in our life when we get to learn something in ways that are not conventional but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hold value. Fiction is one thing that keeps most of us going through the lowest of our days without asking anything in return. So I suggest all you good folks to never stop looking. The magic of belief can be found anywhere, even in a supernatural movie franchise. Just keep going, the magic will be right around you even if you’re not the “Chosen One”.

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