5 Unique Gifts for Him

“Some gifts are big, others are small,

But the ones that come from the heart

Are the best gifts of all”.

              - Tinku Razoria

Look, I know that you want to impress your partner with something beautiful and unique, not something mainstream or boring, and to become the reason of a lovely bright smile on his face. choosing the perfect gift for your husband or boyfriend can be very puzzling and stressful. As there are very limited options of gifts for presenting men. On several occasions like birthday, anniversary or valentines day, gifts are something we look for to make our men happy and also to make their day memorable. So, if you are looking for that perfect and unique gift for your husband or boyfriend or father, then here are some unique gifting ideas or recommendations which you can explore and choose from.


Beautiful bottles need a suitable bottle holder to enhance it’s look and can be used to add to the decor. Bottle holders are a very unique gifting option. It can be used in a car, in kitchen or on wall for decoration. Wine bottle holders can be best used for decoration to give a lively and vibrant outlook to your dining or drawing room. We have a lovely collection of bottle holders, you can check it out and give it a shot! How about this Unique one? It’s in the pattern of a cycle which is silver in colour and will look absolutely unique and adorable wherever he will place it in his home. So, impress your partner with this kind of unique gifts on his birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s day.



“ where there is no wine, there is no love”  said famous Greek Tragedian Euripides. So, show some love to the love of your life by gifting him a bottle of white or red wine and savour the taste of love through it. Some of the brand’s Wine bottles are extremely beautiful and unique along with their superior quality and taste so can be decorated in home along with an unique bottle holder, as I have recommended earlier. We have some very unique collection of bottle holders from which you can easily choose. Let me show you a unique wine bottle about which I was talking about earlier. You can pair it up with a wine bottle holder from our exclusive collection. You can opt for this gifting option for your husband or boyfriend on his birthday to make that special day more memorable and loving.

After all what will be more romantic than accompanying your partner on his special day and celebrating that day with a glass of wine!



If your husband or boyfriend is passionate about cars or bikes, then here are some unique gift ideas for them.  You can gift any car accessories like car’s dashboard magnets, or car cleaning sprays, music system for car, bike driving gloves, head gear, stylish helmets et cetera. There are some of unique car accessories available online on different sites from which you can explore and choose from. We have a brilliant collection of dashboard magnets, from which you can check out  and find out the perfect one.


 Isn’t this absolutely adorable!!  You can check out our website to find out many such cute and adorable car accessories . So indulge in the world of emoji or emoticons with our unique collection! I’m pretty sure your boyfriend or husband will perfectly love it.



Spectacle holders are another unique gifting option for your husband, boyfriend or even your father. If your father wears spectacle then what about gifting him a unique spectacle holder on his birthday or on the occasion of father’s day!  Spectacle holders are not only a unique gifting  option but also it has got immense utility. Often our fathers forget where they had kept the spectacle the last time and search for it in the entire home so this spectacle holder will be helpful in keeping it in one place and they will know where to find it. These spectacle holders can also be used for keeping sunglasses which will look absolutely cool and unique over there. So, you can also gift this unique thing to your boyfriend or husband on his birthday or anniversary and put a lovely smile on their face. We have some unique collectibles in our stock, you can check it out. This will look awesome on the study or office table, it’s kind of a perfect gift, isn’t it!


Alarm clocks are also an excellent gifting option. Just think about that important day or important meetings at office which we almost miss due to waking up late. Alarm clocks are really the lifesaver in that situation. So, if your boyfriend or husband is a late goer then this is the best gift you can choose. Apart from it’s immense utility, you can choose a range of exclusive and awesome looking alarm clocks from our collection. Just give it a look and I’m sure, you will find the perfect one.  Let me show you one of our unique collectibles. This vibrant red coloured alarm clock with large fonts will help you in seeing the time properly with your half dozed sleepy eyes in the morning. Check out our website Apkamart. Com to find out more such beautiful yet elegant looking alarm clocks .


    I hope this blog will be helpful in choosing out the perfectly unique gift for your husband, boyfriend or father. Whatever may be the choice of your partner or your father, be it ethnic and traditional or modern and contemporary, I hope these gifting options will suffice in that respect. You can check out our exclusive collectibles which are always handcrafted by skilled artisans with love, care and absolute precision. You can also explore other websites and buy these gifts online. Wishing you all the best in this search for unique gifts for your husband, boyfriend or father to share happiness ,smile , love and care . Happy shopping!


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