10 kinds of neighbors you can get in your locality

No matter in which nook and corner of the globe you live in, you cannot escape the necessary evil called ‘Neighbors’. Some are better while some are simply a pain in the arse. If you are fortunate enough, you might get along well with a few of them but the chances for this are really minimal. Be it the super nosy neighbour or the mysterious cat lady living around the corner, we all have had our share of experiences with them. 10 kinds of neighbours we all have had are-

  1. The Cat Lady-



She is usually an old lady who lives alone with a bunch of pets (usually cats) and has an upper hand in gardening. She might be a bit mysterious and will test your investigation skills. The cacophony of the animal noises next door might rage up you a bit, but the cat lady is sure to stay for quite a stretch of time in your neighbourhood.


  1. The Know-it-all-



A grey-haired man, with an overflowing intellect, is a usual site in all societies and apartments. Whether it is politics or the general information about the town, this know-it-all has an abundant knowledge and doesn’t spare a chance to flaunt it.


  1. The One who never works-



We all have seen a fun-loving-never-working couple who travels and enjoys their life like no-one else. They often make all other neighbours jealous and are a source of gossip for all the gossipmongers. Their life seems to be a long vacation or a collection of mini bag-packing trips!


  1. The Loud One-



One omnipresent person is the loud neighbour who is always yelling whether it is on the phone or at her boyfriend. She needs a serious chill pill, and you can’t figure out why she doesn’t think she’s disturbing anyone let alone why she isn’t worried that everyone is eavesdropping on her drama.


  1. The Complainer-

 You always have at least one such neighbour who just visits you to complain about things that aren’t even bothersome to any other resident of your apartment. Whether it is the slight leaking of the water pipes or the growling of stray dogs at midnight or even the slightest change in the weather, this complainer neighbour observes and criticizes every other activity and hence is always unwelcomed in gatherings.


  1. The Super Nosy-



These are the most omnipresent type of neighbours and all of us are well acquainted with their actions. They often end up in the hate-list of other neighbours and are left alone with their binoculars. Make sure to be aware of their tiny eyes following you, whenever you come back late in the evening.

  1. The Cute and Oldie Couple-



This cutesy oldie duo never forgets to pass a smile whenever somebody familiar passes by. They have been together for decades and find solace and comfort in each other’s company. They have earned a lot of respect for the neighbourhood and are often seen advising whenever someone seeks their help.

  1. The Rude Uncle-

 This is a common breed of neighbours and people are often reluctant to greet them. They are the super irritated and rude souls which can get pissed off at even the most meagre of things. They will never return your lost cricket ball or badminton shuttlecock, no matter how cute your puppy dog face appears. You and your gang often end up debating on who will ring his doorbell!

  1. The Richie Riches-



You can easily spot their impeccably done apartment amidst the neighbourhood. Their plush interiors and fully gadget equipped home exhibits elegance at its extreme. Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Zara, Mango- name any brand and they probably have a hoard from its latest collection. With memberships at the trendiest of clubs, they can be easily spotted amongst the crowd.

  1. The Neighbor you actually like-



Amidst all the imperfect neighbours, there is always a doppelganger that resembles your taste in food and music, the one who would hang out with you without getting on your nerves. This neighbour is your companion at odd hours and shares an amicable bond with you and is often mistaken for your family member.


Thus Indian neighbourhoods are a mix of sugar and spice. Be on the lookout as you might find your best pal next door. Also despite whatever category of neighbours you possess, don’t forget to love thy neighbour!


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