Buy Black Vase 10 Inch, 600 at ApkaMart
Buy Black Vase 10 Inch, 600 at ApkaMart

Black Vase 10 Inch

Regular price Rs. 2,500.00 Rs. 1,199.00 Sale

Left to Right: 8 cm or 3 inch
Front to Back: 8 cm or 3 inch
Height / Top to Bottom : 25 cm or 10 inch

Material: Wood

Product Code: AMWOBLKVSE12

Inclusive of 1 Flower Vase


Happiness emits like the scent from a flower and draws all good things in your direction. Flowers have a way of bringing happiness and prosperity into our homes. We bring you a perfect alliance for the pretty bouquet of flowers you just bought or the trendy coffee table in your elegant living room. The figurine is a commodity of beauty and functionality making it a worthy buy. The vase is assiduously built by qualified Indian artisans and enameled with cultural and tropical shades. The striking sand humble strokes give the showpiece an intellectual vibe. The front side of the figurine is adorned with a spirited icon of Lord Krishna and his wife Radha where Lord Krishna is a symbol of culture and color in Indian mythology. Whether it’s a birthday party, a religious festival, a cultural occasion, or anniversaries, you can never go wrong by choosing the amazing product to gift your loved ones to just show how special they are and how much they mean to you.



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